Monday, September 3, 2012

Fear & Loathing: Limerick Lake

 Ok, I will admit that my vacation time has made me  little tardy with this post. The Limerick lake tournament took place on August 26th, and although we still did not cash a paycheck we did put forth one of our better performances this year.

before we get into my day, as always I need to give credit where credit is due.. the Limerick Lake tournament was won by the team of Bill Towes and Thomas Christopher. They brought in one of the seasons largest bags to date.. 18.54lbs and if winning was not enough they also took home big fish money fwith a 4.4lb largemouth.. small for limerick lake standards but still good for the cash

congrats Bill and Thomas

Second place went to Jeff Smale and Jeff Oxford (15.5lbs), this is the last event of the season for Jeff as the poor bastard is getting married on or just before the season finale on Paudash lake.. not a bad way to end your season (or single life), congrats guys

in third was Roman Mizuk and Brad Reeves, with a 14.7lb bag... nice smallies!

Special congrats go out to Brain Robinson and Rick Morgan, they placed 4th at the limerick lake event and although they just missed out on some hardware, they still cashed a cheque.. correct me if I'm wrong but that's two events in a row! congrats guys. (I believe Brian has cashed a paycheck on Limerick 3 of the last 4 years, I know because I split one with him)

As for Dustin and I, we had a pretty decent day, we boated dozens of fish and had our first 5 keepers in the live well by 10:50am. ( a record for this season)

The area we were fishing was fairly shallow and clear, we watched as many big fish cruised the area but few would pay attention to out baits. The top water bite was off, and so was the trusty spinner bait. We worked the shorelines and miles and miles of timber pulling off small fish after small fish. As things moved into the afternoon we were able to get a few better bites and swapped out 4 of our original 5 keepers. By 2am we had the weight that we would eventually end the day with.. 10.6 lbs good for 17th place.. ouch

This is not exactly where we thought we would be at this time last year, but hey there is still one 2-day event left to fish, and we still have a chance to get some cash and hardware.

here are some more great pics from the day on Limerick

Special thanx to Limerick lake lodge, they were a great host as always. If you are looking to fish Limerick and need a place to stay, be sure to check them out HERE

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