Sunday, May 20, 2012

Site News: Facebook Page

It's a lazy Sunday morning, and I don't feel much like typing. We spent a great Saturday night  with a great group of friends celebrating the 60th birthday of a fellow angler... But since this is my duty, I will fire off this quick note to give you an update on the site.

If you have not noticed already, I have designed a Facebook page to help get the word out, and to easily share posts, information and most importantly fish pics.. click on the Facebook badge on the upper right hand side of this page, and click "like"

or if you prefer direct links.. click here

For those of you that also check in on the Frog Pond, I have made some changes there as well. Just some minor layout switches as well as a new category for Frog Line and Frog hook reviews. We are now 18 reviews in, and you will continue to see at least 1 review each week as we move through the summer.

thanx again for reading

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