Thursday, May 3, 2012

Off to Erie.. in search of monsters

It may get a little quiet around here for the next few days while I head off to lake Erie in search of some monstrous small mouth bass that  have haunted my dreams for years

This is a special trip for me, not only is it my first time on Erie, my first time chasing bass on the beds, but I also get to fish with a group of anglers that I admire. These guys (although very old) have been very supportive of me and my fishing.

One is a local legend that not only was the host of a long running fishing TV program, but he also is very active in the community, running a large Canada/US Walleye tournament (in it's 32nd Year). The second member of the team was my fishing partner in my first ever money finish in a tournament. He was saddled with me last minute without ever laying eyes on me, we hit it off and cashed a paycheck along the way. The last guy on the tip has been teaching my this fishing game for 10 years now, he took the live bait out of my hand and taught me how to be a bass angler, and then he taught me how to be a tournament angler.

I'm very proud to have received the invite this year, and cant wait to get out on the water. We will be spending 2 days on Lake Erie and 2 days on Chatauga Lake, another fabled bass lake. so I'll Talk to ya when I get back, I'm hoping to have some fish tales to tell (and pics to back them up).

I'm also told that being the rookie the expectation is that I will also land a nice walleye.. all previous rookies have succeeded in this area, fingers crossed

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