Monday, February 27, 2012

Jackall's got the Craw market covered

I dont know about you, but I have been highly impressed with the line of hard and soft baits that have been coming out of Jackall over the past couple seasons. With the release of the Aska Square bill, the Iobee Frog, right on down to the FlickShake worm, they truly have my full attention and my wallets as well.

Adding to the above are a pair of craw baits unlike many on the market today, the Cover Craw and the Sasuteki Craw are two newer additions, and two very different baits that both have a definitive place in your arsenal.

Cover Craw

I dont know if you have seen or better yet held one of these baits in your hand, but if you have, you will notice something different about it, and that is the soft and supple body of the bait. It has an almost spongy  feel to it, yet it is firm and feels durable.

Soft, scented and salted the cover craw is designed so that the fish holds on, this is not a bait that will be coughed up easily. The short compact, yet bulky frame makes this craw hard to describe, but i'll try.. similar to a tube jig (just not hollow) the craw was designed to be fished upside down, with the hook point coming out near the base of the craw and the hook eye and line coming out at the top end between the claws.

The cover craw was designed this way based strictly on presentation.. and to allow the bait to fall "away" once it enters the water, so it will slide in under any cover.. Do you remember the "flying Lure" a flat tube designed to spiral away from the angler.. this craw is similar to that. Great for flipping docks the cover craw will glide in under the doc instead of falling straight down. It is meant to be fished weightless, but by adding weight to cover craw you will alter its fall, and remove that "fall away" motion, so if you dont like what you see straight out of the package try adding a little weight.

The compact body is great for punching, but the short firmer arms will not flail around and draw in the hawgs like it's bigger brother, the Sasuteki Craw...

Sasuteki Craw

Kinda like twins, just the fraternal type, the Sasuteki craw has many of the same attributes as its smaller brother the Cover Craw. Both share the same rounded bottom end and the ability to use the reverse rigging technic. The largest diffrence between the two is the large flapping claws and flat head that make the Sasuteki craw a little more unique then its brother.

The Sasuteki is designed to be a flipping and punching craw, but can be rigged a couple separate ways. Standard rigging is obvious, with the weight being added to the bottom of the craw, it's compact body will slip through cover and fall with the claws flapping like crazy, but if you are interested in trying something new, use that nice little flat spot on its head the Sasuteki and try fishing it upside down, by placing a bullet weight between the claws, giving this craw a very different look and swim when in the water.

Another obvious way to fish the Sasuteki craw is on a jig or shakey head. The durable body slides easily into place and holds up well when bounced around or dragged. Available only in one size you may want to rip off a bit of the tail to reduce it to a smaller 3" frame when using it on a standard jig.

Both of these craws are a welcome addition in the craw market, and If Jackall plastics are not on  your radar yet you are truly missing out. They are a quality product and continue to push product innovation each and every season.. are all Jackall baits a success, No, but Ive learned that with Jackall, it is worth weeding through the "misses" to find all the "hits"

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