Thursday, February 23, 2012

Humminbird Introduces 360 Imaging.. With a little help from Cabela's

In what can only be described as an epic blunder, Cabela's leaked info and images of  Humminbirds new 360 degree Imaging system, a product Hummbird went to great lengths to keep hidden even just hours prior to the live web streamed press conference being held in conjunction with the Bass Master Classic.

Yes, the boards blew up this afternoon as fishing-tech nerds like myself started drooling over images and links leading us to the new technology that now gives anglers the ability to see a full 360 degrees.. no more side imaging or down imaging..  we are now talking about 300 feet of a full 360 degrees of vision. Imagine being able to see a full 150 feet ahead of your boat! no more back tracking, you now see things before they happen!

This new technology comes in the form of a new telescopic transducer that has the look of a PowerPole mounted on the back of your boat. A quick button deploys the transducer beneath the boat that allows it to give you the full 360 imaging. The unit is set up to be deployed from your H-bird unit or if your lazy just yell at your partner at the back of the boat and ask him to do it (buttons are also mounted on the unit)

Along with the new transducer a system upgrade is also needed to make the technology compatable with at least four current H-bird units (798c,898c,998c, & 1198c). This was highly smart on H-birds part, as this allows current customers who recently purchased a sonar unit to still upgrade to the new technology.. and wont create a line-up on the returns desk.

With a hefty price tag of $1,999 this new sonar may not be for all (remeber that is on top of the price of an actual Humminbird Sonar), but I wont be surprised at all when I see it on a few boats this coming tournament season. Congrats to H-bird for yet again pushing the envelope, and thanks to Cabelas for sharing it with us

Cabelas Leaky Link

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