Saturday, February 11, 2012

Company Review: Elite Tungsten

Well it is getting to that time of year again, I drag out boxes and boxes of tackle and start the re-organization process and the process of placing orders to replenish products I ran out of last season. Tungsten seems to always be on this list. No matter how large an order I place I always seem to use it up, and have to place a larger order for the next season.

The best thing about Tungsten is that it is readily available and can be found almost everywhere. The market is growing and so is the competition, and that is a good thing for anglers, as it brings the price down and the quality up. Over the past few seasons I have tried various brands of Tungsten, looking for that perfect mix of price and quality. This season I think I found a winner when a fishing buddy pointed me in the direction of "Elite Tungsten".

Elite has been in the Tungsten business for just over 4 years now, and they have the reputation of a company that puts out a high quality product and has a high level of service. This month I placed my first order with Elite, and here is a breakdown as to how the experience went.


Elite carries a wide selection of Tungsten products, including standard worm weights, flipping weights and drop shot weights. They carry a decent selection of sizes starting at 1/16oz and going as high as 11/2oz. They currently have 6 color options if you include "un-painted". Im a big fan of the "Red" and "Green pumpkin" colours.

The website is not pretty, but it gets the job done. Placing an order is fairly easy, each weight size and color is listed in the on-line store.. 71 in total (not including drop shot weights) all items on one page, there is not hunting or pecking to find what your looking for. They have a quick and easy check-out system that includes PayPal. The site is built to provide order updates when the order is placed and shipped.
Product prices are very competitive, they beat most if not all Canadian companies Ive purchased from, and match off some of the big players in the US market. You can buy direct from Elites site or from Tackle Warehouse

These weights are extremely high quality, and to steal some info from Elites site.. the weights are 97% tungsten and 3% nickel composition. Like all Tungsten they are Significantly harder and more compact than lead, they slip through small holes in cover more easily and help you feel everything your bait bumps into, for increased bite detection. 

The line holes on Elite Tungsten weights are insert free and "diamond bored" for the smoothest finish, and they will put less wear and tear on your line. All paints are a sealed finishes, and are very durable.


I mentioned this above, but lets face it, the site is not pretty. The logo and the images are clean and sharp, but the story behind the product on the home page is nearly impossible to read with the font and color chosen. In the on-line store many images are missing, and although you can use the sweet picture on the home page (see below) as a weight color reference it would be nice to be able to see the product when shopping the on-line store.

Product all comes blister packs, this is great on a shelf but not the best option for those buying in bulk on-line. I would recommend they look at bulk packs or discounts if you buy in bulk (minus the blister pack or clam shell)

Customer Service:

On top of Product quality, Customer Service is an area where Elite really shines. They have a very high level of communication and respond to email inquiries very quickly.

When I placed my order for some reason I did not get a ship notify (something the site is built to provide). When I contacted Elite they apologized for the issue and  updated me on the status of my order. They also contacted me a second time to ensure the order had arrived. I really felt they would be very supportive if my order did not arrive.. they seem eager to help and honest about the concern in my orders delay.
I assure you my order delay had little to do with Elite, it is just what is to be expected when cross border shopping. My order arrived in perfect condition and this first experience with Elite has ended as a positive one, and Im currently gearing up for a secondary order (drop shot weights)

If you are looking to add to your Tungsten weight assortment I would recommend giving Elite a shot, with price, product and service they seem to be a company that wants and deserves your business

(Image borrowed from Elite Tungsten Website)

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