Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To Wacky or to Wicked Wacky, now thats a good question?

I have been wacky worm fishing for about 4 years now, 3 of those years the wacky worm was my go to bait. Once i started I was hooked and have almost lost the feel for standard senko fishing, it just does not feel right in my hands anymore.

When I started to compile gear for wacky rigging, the Gamakatsu wacky hook was a no brainer, a perfect circle hook with a relaxed weed guard that helped keep me from hooking up in the weeds but did not from hooking up in general.

I have found on average the 2/0 hooks are the perfect size when fishing a standard 5-6 inch senko, they make for nearly perfect hooksets and need very little attention (other then sliding the weed guard back into place. This year Gamakatsu came out with a wicked wacky hook, fmy first thougths were, why mess with a good thing?" followed by the side of my brain that likes new toys saying " ooh, I want those"

As always the toys win in the end and Im the proud owner of some Wicked wacky hooks. They arrived in the mail today, and I got a chance to man handle them

The pro's to this hook are obvious, it is a true quality Gamakatsu hook, sharp and strong with a great hand tied weed guard. The guys at Gamakatsu made this hook a double technique hook, it is a wacky rig hook as well as a drop shot hook, (another technique I have been working on). The cool tube down the back of the hook can be used to thread your line through and ensure it stands out straight while drop shoting, i did not even notice this when I bought them, it was kinda like a surprise perk.

the con's of this hook are few.., the weebguard is not as nice as the one on the standard wacky hook, and I do not feel it will keep this hook as weed free, as always with Gamakatsu, they are pricey, at just over $4 for 3 hooks. (in the 3/0 size).

All in all im happy with my purchase and will be sure to give it a shot on the water this season, i see the wicked wacky hooks role as more of a drop shot hook, but I will be sure to add it to my wacky arsenal as well

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