Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Hands of Kevin VanDam, Major League Fishing gives us a POV look at the Legend

They say you can learn allot about a person by watching their hands. And the team at Major League fishing must agree after recently posting a 21-minute POV video of Kevin VanDam frantically looking for one last fish during day 1 of the 2015 Challenge Cup on Cross Lake. The video shot with a GoPro camera on a chest mount gives you the perfect view of KVD's hands at work.

I watched the video from start to finish and in even with the sound off its amazing how easily you can see KVD go through a gamut of emotions just by watching his hands!  Anywhere from the excitement of getting a strike, to the frustration of patiently waiting for the judge to reset the weigh scale, this video covers it all.

Its well worth the 20+ minutes of your time, as every tournament angler will know exactly what KVD is going through and every non-tournament angler gets a look at what its like in those last few minutes before the final bell. My arms are tired from watching KVD do this thing

Thanks again to Major League fishing for continually producing coverage that the angler craves. No one quite does fishing like MLF

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