Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thanks a Zillion - Daiwa Zillion TWS Test Drive

I made the move to Daiwa reels nearly 5 years ago now, and since that time the Daiwa Zillion has been the holy grail in the line up. Not their most expensive reel but priced just high enough that for the longest time I only had one in my arsenal.. well not any more, With the launch of the  Zillion TWS Daiwa is making it easier for every angler to get their hands on their first Zillion reel, or like me, their second and third. 


One of the biggest changes between the Zillion TWS and classic Zillion is the addition of the TWS T-Wing line guide which was originally introduced on the Dawia Tatula and has since made the jump to the Zillion. The TWS offers improved casting distance by allowing your line to move freely through the spool. Once you bait hits the water and you start your retrieve the T-Wing is disengaged giving you a smooth controlled retrieve. 

Speaking of retrieves the Zillion TWS is available is 4 different retrieves including standards like 6:3:1 and 7:3:1, a slower retrieve 5:3:1 and a speedy 9:3:1. In all honestly I don't really mess round with anything outside the 6 or 7:3:1, this allows me to carry fewer reels and use hand speed to alter how I want the bait to fish.

Although my classic Zillion is my spinnerbait reel,  I prefer to use the Zillion TWS for shorter or  slower applications like jig fishing or spot frog fishing (target specific). The 90mm swept handle and large  thumb pads are perfect for these applications giving you the power you want without brushing your thumb up (remember Sega thumb?)  

When reviews of the Zillion TWS first started to publish one area the reel was praised for was its Drag performance. The Zillion TWS offered up an incredibly smooth 18lb's of pressure. I'm not know for my tech skills so if you want to learn more about the Zillion's drag check out this TackleTour review HERE

When it comes to break adjustment Daiwa does it right by offering up external adjustments from 0-20  really allowing you to find that sweet spot not mater the bait size or weather conditions. If your a control freak like I am, this is a knob you won't be able to keep you hands off of.


 "Con" is not a word I have ever associated with a Zillion reel, so I'm going to have to dig deep here to offer you up some cons.

The most obvious one that guys may jump to is price point. The Zillion series has always been priced in the $300+ range which until you fish a reel in that category can seem pricey. The Zillion TWS comes in just under $300 and when I say just under I mean by pennies or a penny. The value is quite evident once you spool up but sticker shock would be the first con I would list.

 The second con is only really evident if you have or are currently fishing a classic Zillion reel. The Zillion TWS sits differently in you hand then its older brother and if you were expected the same fit you may see this as a con.

Overall the Zillion TWS is a great way to introduce your self to what Daiwa has to offer. This reel is loaded with many of the perks that Daiwa built its name on, not to mention a few advances that angels have been raving about. Its funny, the joke around the TWS system is that it was designed  for use on an entry level reel and was so performance enhancing that it was added to reels higher on the food chain.. and that doesn't happen to often.

At the end of each season I always look back on my reels performance and I have to say.. Thanks a Zillion Daiwa!

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