Monday, February 15, 2016

Learning to Tie - Smallie Snacks Marabou Jigs

Marabou Jigs have long been part of my arsenal.. my Walleye arsenal that is. It wasn't until I noticed that many of Canada's best smallmouth anglers were breaking away from tradition and using small marabou jigs to chase big smallmouth bass that I decided it was worth looking into

the problem is,  small  1/8th to 1/4oz Marabou jigs are not exactly easy to find in most tackle stores. Most bass manufactures focus on the classic silicon flipping jigs and leave the hair and feather jigs to the fly fisherman. So I asked some anglers where they bought their jigs, and the answer surprised me.. they made their own, and if they could, why couldn't I.

Just like when tying feathered trebles the best thing about making your own marabou jigs is that you get to choose the quality of the hook, the desired weight as well as the colour combination. For me this usually results in all black jigs with unpainted heads tied on Owner ball head jigs ranging in weight between 1/8th to 1/4oz.. But from time to time I too can break the mold and tie up more interesting combinations like a fire orange jig with feather appendages and a sickle hook.. see the possibilities are endless.

If your interested in learning to tie Marabou jigs aka Smallie Snacks check out this short how to video i shot showing you some of my tips and tricks..questions are welcomed