Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Daiwa Procyon EX: Once you go Procyon you'll never go back

I think every angler comes to a time in their life when they start to realize that they are not only addicted to fishing but often fishing gear as well. Consider this my way to letting you know that I too and a fishing reel junky, and even once Ive found a reel to love and to hold, I just can't stop from testing out shiny new toys, like the Daiwa Procyon EX.

I don't have many spinning rods in my arsenal so I don't go through any many reels as one might think. Of the three spinning rods I do carry, they each have very specific tasks expected of them.. like dropshotting, or dragging tubes, and even senko fishing. So this past season when I was in need of a a sturdy reel that could handle all three techniques and still allow me to wrestle with some 5-6lbs smallmouths, the Procyon caught my attention. 

Sure, its pretty, and like most men, that probably was my initial attraction, but once in my hand I could also see that the reel was well crafted yet light weight.  Equipped with Daiwa's Air Rotor the reel moved fluidly and this is where most writers would say it was as smooth as butter, and although I agree, I find that kinda tacky so won't say that here. 

The Procyon is MagShielded meaning is can be fished in both salt and freshwater, and although I rarely see salt this makes me feel as if the reel will hold up better to the dirt and grime it will see on the shoreline, in the water and on the boat. Like most anglers I try to take care of my gear, but when the action heats up there is nothing as imoportatnt as landing a fish (and the next fish) so at times my gear may feel abused. The Procyon Ex handled that abuse well and has little to no signs of wear. 

Available in 4 sizes, I opted for what I consider to be the best all around spinning reel size the 2500 series, reels in this size range provide you with the power you need when tube fishing or dropshotting in deeper water, as well as the line capacity, all while still being light weight. The Procyon EX weighs in at 9.2oz, and may not be the lightest reel in its category but when balanced on the right rod it will put little to no strain on your body even during those longs days on the water.

If our like me and need 1 (or 3) spinning reels with the capability to do double (or triple) duty on the water, check out the Procyon EX and you'll be boating fish befor you know it!


Where to Purchase:

Tackle Direct: $149-$159

Sail: $149*

Cabela's: $149-$159

Tackle Warehouse: $149-$159

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