Friday, December 4, 2015

2015 Fishermans Christmas List

It's that time of year again, you know when your friends, family and significant others wander the isles of the Bass Shop racking their brains on what to buy you.. that incredibly picky fisherman on their list. So why not make it easy on them and offer up list that help you fill your boat come 2016

Here's whats on my wish list.

Keitech Noisy Flapper (frog)

This frog has been on my radar ever since one of this sites readers dropped me a line with a link. No words were needed the image alone sparked my interested and after watching the video on Tackle Warehouse I was sold. Good soft body toads are hard to find, couple that with the fact that the Noisy Flapper can be swan slow or fast, and I think they have a winner.

Coming in at $5.95 a pack the Noisy Flapper will make an awesome stocking stuffer.

Terminator Walking Frog

You had to know I was going to have more than one frog on my Christmas list, and to be honest it was a touch choice to list the Walking frog over LiveTargets Sunfish, but as usual when it comes to LT baits, Us Canadians have to wait months for the release to hit us, all while most US retailers are sold out.. Yes the LT Sunfish is this years TurboMan and grown men will fight over it in stores.

So avoid all that, and walk away peacefully with a bait that will put just as many if not more fish in the boat, and a much better price point (Under $10). Perfect even for those fishing club secret Santa events.

YoloTek AquaStick 

For the gadget junkie in your house, the AquaStick and powered AquaStick turn your boat into the ultimate selfie machine. I picked one up this season and have left the ramp without since.

The standard AquaStick works wonders but is not powered, meaning you will need to pack your GoPro Battery collection in order to get a full day of shooting in, but if the angler in your life was a good little boy/girl then feel free to splurge and grab the powered version that comes equipped with dual USB ports and keeps the your camera running through your navi lights.

Dobyns Rods - Fury Series

If you have an angler on your shopping list looking for a high end rod at price point that won't see you spending all Clarks christmas bonus, then look no further then the Dobyns Fury Series.

These rods are loaded with everything anglers have grown to expect from Dobyns all while coming in at around the $100 mark. A Fury series rod would be  appreciated by tournament anglers looking to fill a hole in their current line-up as well as weekend warriors who wanting to dip their toes into the high end rod maket.. If I could be so bold as to recommend a rod, check out the 795 Swimsuit rod or the gold standard in Dobyns line-up the 735.

Priced at $109 to $119 this rods fit almost any budget, and their green accents will look awesome under the tree.

Daiwa Fuego Casting Reel

And of course if your buying your Angler a rod, why not pair it with a quality reel? The Daiwa Fuego is the perfect all around reel to pair up with a Dobyns Fury 735. Its low profile fits comfortably in your hand (and under the tree) and its 90mm cutaway handle gives you all the power you need in almost any situation.

Prices at $129 the Fuego is a slight jump up from the Lexa (a reel you may have seen on previous years christmas lists). If your taking the plunge and ordering a Fuego be sure to check out Daiwa Samurai braid or their less pricy J-Braid. Both will help you round out a truly awesome christmas gift.

Finally, if all else fails, don't hesitate to load up on gift cards, because no matter how much fishing gear you think we have... we can all use a little more! Merry Christmas

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