Monday, November 9, 2015

Topwater Test Drive - Jackall Binksy

Looking for a small profile topwater bait that makes more noise than a National Lampoons frat party? then look not further then Jackalls "Blinksy"a popper that brings way more to the table then any popper Ive ever seen.


The Binksy is the swiss army knife of top water baits. It can be fished as a popper, and flutter bait or a hack and slash walking bait with a nice flutter spoon on its belly. This bait is perfect for all those times you want to make as mush noise a possible..  but it's not exactly stealthy.

 For a bait with this many body modifications the Binksy casts like extremely well. You can easily get some serious distance with both casting and spinning set-ups.

The Binksy feels nice and solid in your hands and performs well overall. Its seems to have been built with quality parts, nice strong hooks and a solid finish. My only issue with the baits design is that I would have liked to have seen a deeper mouth on the popper. The flat surface pushes water well but I'd like more gurgle. 


The Binksy feels like it has a bit of an identity crisis on its hands. Is it a popper? a prop-bait? or flutter and slash walking bait? the answer is all of thee above but with so much going on its not exactly the best at of these techniques.. but then again its far from the worst. 

Some guys will complain about price, yes most Jackall hard baits are pricey (even more so in Canada) but the Binksy is on the lower side of Jackall's scale, so although it ain't cheap it won't break the bank like many of their other hard baits.

This bait was designed to utilize it's 3 key features when retrieving, but the issue I came across was that at times I had to over work the popper in order to get the rear prop to spin which defeated the purpose of having this "everything but the kitchen sink"style bait.


Quality: B+

Popping:  B

Walking:  B

Casting:  A

Options: B

Price: C

Where to Buy:

Land Big Fish ($14.99)

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