Friday, February 7, 2014

Scratch one off the bucket list: The Kingston Canadian papers are filed!

Im about to scratch a pretty big item off my bucket list, or as I like to call it my "bucket-mouth list" and in all honesty I'm a mix of excited and nervous all at the same time.

Fishing the Kingston Canadian open has been on my to-do list for a while now, not only is this event in my own backyard, but it is loaded with an impressive collection of some of Canada's most well know anglers (and a few american ones too). Not to mention this event is by far the biggest test I have set for my self when it comes to tournament fishing

As a small town angler who grew up fishing the Kawarthas, and then later honed my skills on the various lakes sounding the kingston and the Bancroft area, Ive never really spent much time focusing on big water, so this in itself will be a new challenge for me, combine that with the fact that this event draws in the highest level of competition and you have the recipe for an event that I just can't pass up.. so I didn't

Thanks goes out to those anglers who have previously fished this event and have have already offered their support and advice... I may just have to take you up on those offers.. now the preparation begins (insert Rocky theme music here)

If your looking to join the field for the 2014 Kingston Canadian open, click HERE to find the rules and registration form, and if fishing in the open is not for you, don't forget about the opportunity to sponsor a solider portion of the event HERE

As always special thanks I could not have done this without the support I get from my various sponsors including: Eikon Device tattoo Supply, Dobyns Rods, Daiwa Reels, BlackWater/Toray Fishing line, Optimum Baits, El Grande Lures and the VRX line of products

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