Thursday, February 13, 2014

Great Finds: The 2014 Toronto Sportsman Show

As you know I had the opportunity to work the Toronto Sportsman show this year, and while there I took opportunity to nose around a bit, and I came away with three new products that i can't wait to try out on the water…

BioEdge Fish Attracting Scents

Although you may not have heard of BioEdge they have quietly going about the business of making all natural and very power fish attractants since 2007. Their line-up includes over 30 different scent options in  both potions (oil) and a Wands (semi-solids). As mentioned previously these scents are all natural and are made from  concentrated oils, the wand (kinda like a glue stick) is filled with the same concentrated oil as the potion only with a solidifying agent added in. I love the variety provided by BioEdge and that fact that the wand will help me keep the stink off my fingers

I will be giving the Frog and Crawfish scents a serious work out this coming season, and plan to use the Frog potion on all of my soft plastic frogs, and the Frog wand on the bellies of my hollow body frogs. As for the crawfish potion it will spice up some of my jig trailers and I may even soak up some jigs.

To learn more be sure to check out the BioEdge site, but leave your self some time, there is a serious amount of scents to browse through,

AR-Frog by AR Lures

As a die-hard frog fisherman I will admit I have had my eyes on these frogs for awhile now. They always sat in my shopping cart while placing orders with Land Big Fish or TackleWarehouse and when the cost of the order got out of hand they usually end up getting bumped off.. but while at the sportsman show there was not shopping cart and I finally pulled the trigger on one.

all AR-Lures baits are hand carved, hand painted and high quality… they are made of wood, and are durable with some great action in the water. I'm really looking forward to working this frog in the sparse cover this coming season and feel that the design will offer up great movement and a good hook-up ratio. You can find AR-Lures quite easily in both the US and Canada, check out their website for a list of distributors.. HERE 

MegaBass Pop-Max

Another bait Ive had my eye on for awhile now the MegaBass Pop-Max is a mean looking popper with 6.. count 'em 6 chambers that allow water to move through the bait and gills making this one of the most unique poppers on the market today.

Pricey yes,  the Pop-Max  comes in at a hefty $19 a bait, but that's what sportsman shows are for.. finding and buying baits you can't get at your local shop. In my opinion this bait is worth every penny of its $19 price tag in looks alone, and if it produces half as well as I expect it will.. I'm a happy man.

ask me again when I lose my first bait and I may have a different response  

Kamooki Lures

A Canadian company to watch, Kamooki blew the roof off the show with their line of currently unavailable baits aptly names "The Smart Fish". These killer baits will be great in place of standard blade baits when fishing smallies or even better as an ice fishing jig for walleye

Smartfish are designed as a head down, hook up bait  weighing in at only 2/5oz it  sinks incredibly fast for its size and moves well in water. The part that really blew me away was how well they move while dead-sticked, even the smallest current will keep the Smartfish moving, side to side.. these baits will get eaten!

Check out this short video I shot of the smart lure in action at the sportsman show, HERE. To learn more on Kamooki and the smart fish, check out their website HERE

If your on your way to the Spring Fishing and Boat Show this weekend, be sure to search these baits out, you will be happy you did.. Other then the Kamooki Smartfish all these products can be found at Pro J Tackles booth along with a full one up of Dobyns rods, Daiwa reels, and a brand new shipment of Bull Shad Swimbaits from the master Triton Mike Bucca

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