Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BlackWater Toray Fishing Line: The Best 1 - 2 Punch for Drop Shot Fishing

At times it takes all the planets and stars aligning at the just the right time for an angler to gain confidence in a new technique.. The planets/stars I reference are: The right rod, the right reel, he right bait, and the right line.. if just one of these things keys are missing you may be missing fish and loosing confidence.

Over the past few seasons I have been playing around with "drop-shotting", at first I had issues picking it up, mostly due to confidence in what I was feeling, so I tried out a few different rods and found what I consider the best drop shot rod on the market.. the Dobyns DX742Sf. Once the rod was in place I was able to pair and balance it with the right reel.. a Daiwa Lexa 2000 Spinning Reel.. after that things started to fall into place, and I was now able to feel out the bite, but something was still missing.. THE LINE.. and this past season I finally found the perfect 1-2 punch to complete the ultimate Drop Shot combo

Toray BAWO Super Finesse Braid + Toray BAWO Super Finesse 100%  Fluorocarbon 

You may have already ready my past review on Toray Super Finesse Braid (found HERE) but if not you may not be aware that although this braid has a light weight name (Finesse) it packs a major punch and is one of if not thee best casting braid I have ever tied on. Toray Finesse Braid is a round 8-Strand braid that makes the perfect main-line for drop-shot fishing, by offering you a nice limp yet highly sensitive line that will still provide you with a solid backbone when setting the hook in any depth, not to mention it casts a country mile (when required). These are things that most mono or fluorocarbon can't offer you

But.. This doesn't mean there is not a place for Fluorocarbon lines in drop shot fishing because there definitely is… as a leader.. and no Fluorocarbon is better suited to this technique then Toray Finesse 100% Fluorocarbon. This line is the ultimate in  finesse fishing, its dainty enough to fool the most paranoid fish but like its counter part (Finesse Braid) it is deceptively strong.  I put it through it's paces this past season and was highly impressed with how well it allowed me to present my baits and at the same time  how the power was always there when I needed it. All in all this line is very supple, and easy to handle thus making re-trying a breeze.. and when attaching braid to fluoro on or off the water, you want a line that is easy to work with, and keeps its strength at the knot (something that all Toray lines are known for)

By pairing Toray Finesse braid (as your main line) with Toray Finesse 100% fluorocarbon (as your leader),  you get the best of both worlds. The strength and dependability of braid and the stealth and finesse of fluorocarbon. This combo has completed my ultimate Drop-Shot set-up and has given me the confidence to break it out in the toughest conditions.. try it, your be glad you did

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