Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 a Year of Change

2o14 represents the year of the horse in the Chinese calendar, for me it is a year of change.. a change of goals, a change of objectives and a change in attitude (that part comes mainly from a change in fishing partners). what does the year of the horse have in store for you?

"Horse can give people a ride to their destination therefore horse is not only a symbol of traveling but also a sign of speedy success"

What's not to like about that statement? Travelling is a goal of mine this year, way too often I get caught up fishing the same lakes over and over again, and although this often bring success, it's not ranked up to high in the learning scale.. so this year I will plan to fish 5 new lakes over the course of the season, this includes I have never fished or haven't fished in 5+ years.. this should help push my boundaries and make me a better all around angler.. remember "the home lake disadvantage" 

"Horse likes to complete with others, the pursuit for their freedom, passion and leadership"

as a tournament angler competition is in my blood, but after a falling out with my long time angling partner I find myself looking for a new home in 2014. This is a good thing, I feel a renewed passion and freedom after being bogged down in a boat with someone that I no longer enjoyed fishing with, and if you can't enjoy a day on the water, then you know there is something wrong. This is not meant to bash my former partner as there is a good chance he felt the same way about me (he's wrong, but oh well) and all and all it was time for a change. I wish him well but won't miss the mood swings, anger issues and unwillingness to change (not to mention the boiled eggs and protein bars). Its a shame when a person can write off a friendship for a chance of perceived glory

"Horse hour in Chinese horoscopes is from 11am to 1pm. Sunshine generates lots of heat during horse hour therefore the horse is connected to heat, hot, fire and red"

Tell me, this is not a an omen, the horse hours fall right in that prime morning to early afternoon slot that sees the fish really turn on. You can still enjoy that morning calm, and take advantage of the early afternoon heat. This year I will make sure all my trip take into consideration the Horse hours

"Horse is intelligent animal. Horses need to be trained to become useful. Humans can make horse famous, without human guide the horse is just wild animal." 

To me the above statement is about learning, and more importantly shared learning. You can only teach yourself so much before you need to look to others for help. In 2014 I will strive to keep my ears and eyes open both on and off the water, and look at ways to improve my knowledge and skill level. Sometimes that means sharing a boat with someone new, and other times that means leaving your favourite bait at home and forcing your self to try something new

I don't know about you but I'm excited about 2014, and can't wait for the Bass season to kick off. see ya on the water

The above bolded excerpts/quotes on "The Year of the Horse" were borrowed from:

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