Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bass Geek Part 4 - The Winter Horder

noun - slang

1. An expert or enthusiast (a term of pride)
2. A person who is pre-occupied or knowledgeable about Bass Fishing
3.  A person that stocks up (or hordes) fishing gear during the winter months to avoid shortages and/or the summer rush

How to become a Bass Geek Part 4:

There are many way a Bass Geek can  spend the winter months.. aka "The off season", but one true way to spot a Bass Geek is by looking for the guy buying up all his favourite baits in January, while all his friends are buying ice fishing gear (not that there's anything wrong with that). Yes, I am that guy, but come Spring while you are running from store to store looking for your favourite bait in your favourite colour, I'm fishing in a fully stocked you can be too

Step 1:  At the end of the season take some time to look through your collection of baits, see what you used up, whats missing and what you need more of, make a mental list, or even better a physical list of what you need and begin checking things off.

Step 2: Continue to visit your  local shops,  keeping an eye out for end of season, off season and early season sales. Many stores don't want to house these baits all winter long and you can score a good deal loading up early.

On-line stores will often be better stocked then most local shops, watch for their inventory levels start to climb as the season approaches (like you they are stocking up early in hope of Spring sales).  Popular products that are often out of stock during the season due to high demand, can easily be found during the winter months. A great example of this is the Live Target bait ball, from the moment it took the ICAST 2013 award for best in show hard bait you knew it would be hard to get your hands on.. my local shops don't have them, and the on-line retailers were out of stock.. but come early Jan I had the pick of the litter and was able to add some to an order I was placing.. out of sight out of mind.

Tip: Constant monitoring may be required for "new" baits, as not all 2014 products will be released early, so to avoid the rush check websites often and watch their new product sections for baits you may have missed

Step 3: Take your time, since your the only one shopping there is no need to break the bank buying all your terminal tackle at one time.. I often add one or two items at a time, its not unusual to see me leaving a store with a single bait.. this also keeps the wife happy, a $300 Bass Pro Shop bill may be quickly spotted but $10-$20 will fly under the radar (a no my wife won't read this)

PS: It's a long cold winter, and as an aspiring Bass Geek it is your duty to act like  a squirrel and horde as much as you can in preparation of the up coming season. Believe me when i tell you this little off season effort is worth it's wait in gold come spring

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