Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fear & Loathing on the BBTS: Weslemkoon 2013

This past weekend Dustin and I fished our first BBTS event of the 2013 season on Weslemkoon Lake. This year we are splitting our tournament time between BBTS, Top bass and the Quinte Bass Champs. On the BBTS side we choose Weslemkoon and Jacks Lake in Apsley, as they are events we have historically enjoyed even if we have not had the best results... so far 2013 is no different

Weslemkoon lake showed us again just how tuff a lake it can be and how drastically the fishing can change from one day to the next. This years event was won by Justin Patterson and Chris Bayne with a bag of 21.16lbs.. nice job boys!

second place winners Shane Crumb and Derrick Tomkins (pictured below) are enjoying some sucess on the CSFL circuit and really tamed the koon with a 18.68lb bag. Third place was Mark Dunford and Terry Lucas with 18.02lbs after that the weights really started to drop off and teams in 8th thru 19th place were all under 10lbs and teams 20-25th place all weighed in 0.00 so yes it was a tuff bite for many

Dustin and I has some success and finished up in 9th place with a 9.29lb bag.  Any time you make the top 10 no matter your weigh it is a good day. I just wish we could have found that 6.5lber that Dustin hooked during pre-fish a couple weeks back

The Weather was very interesting this year, as the temps took a nasty drop over the last week or so, and some rain and thunderstorms hit the area 48 hours prior to blast off. The below pic is what the day looked like at 7am, but within 20 minutes the sky became heavily cloud covered for the remainder of the day and we stayed suited up in our rain suits to keep warm. Our shallow water spots held plenty of small fish, but no lunkers to be found.

We also looked for smallmouths in some open areas on the lake, but the high winds made it tuff to stay put and we ending up running for cover. Like the rest of our events this year we were left looking for that one big bite to move us up into the money.

Full Results:

Im thinking I may have given us a bit of a jinx, the below pic was taken the day prior to the event when I took the wife to a small back lake for a relaxing day of fishing.  I hooked into these beast.. and I believe I may have used up my big fish mojo for the week. that'll teach me to try to have fun when I should be focused on a tournament !

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