Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bass Junkies Fishing Addiction hits..100,000

Between reporting on the Kingston Canadian Open and attending a few tournaments myself, a major website milestone kinda got lost in the shuffle.

Some time last week we received our 100,000 viewer. I know that may not seem like a lot compared to some of the power house fishing sites that are currently out there churring out great videos,  articles and interviews. But BJFA is a one ( and a half) man opperation (yes Dustin we are still waiting on that next "Dustins Corner" article).

I wanted to take a moment to thank those who have helped me along the way and of course those who keep reading

Dobyns Rods

Daiwa Reels

Eikon Device (Tattoo Supply)

New Roads 

Bass Utopia

Optimum Baits

El Grande Lures

The Rod Glove

Numa Optics

Blackwater/Toray Line

Paul Mueller Fishing

Rich's Bassin Blog

Fat Boy Outdoors


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  2. I can't tell you how many times I've used and passed on your tips and reviews to my fellow fishing buddies. I know that several of them refer to your site now on a regular basis. Great job and congrats!!!!!

    And also thanks for the recognition and for following my site as well, and more importantly, getting me into blogging. You were my push and part of my inspiration into this writing thing, and I appreciate that! If it wasn't for you, my blog wouldn't exist!

  3. thanks man, much appreciated, and I appreciate the support you have been giving this site since day 1

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