Sunday, August 25, 2013

Custom Reel Painting - Bag5Baits - Dobyns Coalition style

I don't know about you, but I put my equipment through a pretty vigorous workout each and every season, and the reels in general seem to take more abuse then my other equipment, I don't know maybe it's because they are your hand all the time, or maybe it's because as the non boater I have limited space to store my rods which often means my reels bang up against each other.. no matter the reason my reels don't look "new" very long, so this season I decide to treat my self and have one of my older reels pimped out, to not only look new again but also to match my Dobyns Coalition series rod.. and who better to do the pimping then the boys at Bag5Baits

You may not have heard of'em yet, but Mike and the rest of the Bag5Baits team have amassed a pretty stellar resume of reel and bait custom paint jobs. I knew they could be trusted with matching up my Daiwa Advantage with the colours on my coalition rod, and as you can see they really nailed it.

If like me, you were impressed with the paint job they did on my reel, you really need to check out some of the crazy custom baits they have been working.. like the "Wet mouse" and a personal fav of mine their smallmouth pattern..

and these are just some of the cool options that Bag5Baits has to offer. Take a minute and check out their Facebook page (HERE) and hit "Like" to stay on top of new offerings and designs

If you have some old reels or baits that could use some love head on over to their website and check out the price list (reel pricing will vary). And if all your baits are shinny and new, they have a stock pile of baits you can choose from.. check out Bag5Baits, tell'em  the BassJunky sent ya

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