Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Whats Hot for 2013?.. The Elite Angler Academy

Yes, I decided to take some time away from my baby (this blog) over the holidays and instead spend that time with family and friends (and shovelling snow). I kept an eye on the world wide web looking for new products or new ideas that will help start 2013 off with a bang.. One thing that really caught my attention was this very cool new Idea from fellow Dobyns team member Clark Reehm

"The Elite Angler Academy"

Bass Master Elite Pro Clark Reehm has come up with a very cool new idea. The Elite Angler Academy  takes a traditional guided trip and turns it into an angler enhancement program that has been designed to teach anglers advanced fishing skills, and not to just focusing on catching fish.

Confused? some of you may be,  so here is a small snippet of Clark explaining the concept:

On a typical day we will spend the first 1-2 hours at breakfast in front of
 a laptop learning how to manage waypoints and how to use available technologies to find and target fish holding locations. I will teach you how to utilize this information to take your "map study" to the next level. Most of my customers have commented that they feel like they get their money's worth even before we hit the water due to this in depth break down.

After that, we will hit the lake to apply the concepts that we learned over breakfast to learn how to break down and read water efficiently and to discuss ways to pattern fish without even catching them. This is an invaluable skill for any tournament angler that scouts and prefishes for events. I teach how to take the fishing out of prefishing. There will be a strong emphasis on Side Imaging and how to get the most out of your units regardless of which make or model you have. Image interpretation will be a constant theme throughout the day as well. I teach the nuts and bolts of the technology, not the individual bells and whistles associated with Humminbird or Lowrance units.

As far as the fishing part of the day goes, we will focus on as many different techniques as we can to try to maximize the learning time on the water. If there is a particular bait or style of fishing that you would like to work on, we can incorporate that into the day as well. Again, this is not your typical guide trip where we will pull up to places just to catch fish

I'm a big fan of this idea, too many anglers take guided trips with high level guides (even pro's) and don't learn a damn thing, they just fish to catch fish (not that there is anything wrong with that) But imagine you want to learn, want to spend the day on the water with a pro, this concept will force you to see what you are doing wrong (or right), and give you an in-sight into what it takes to be a pro.

Clark is the perfect guy to pull this off, he is a very informative, professional and still likes to have a little fun.  So  If you are interested in learning more about the Elite Angler Academy here is a link to the website (HERE) and if you want to learn more about Clark you can check out his fairly active Facebook page (HERE)

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