Monday, January 7, 2013

Test Drive: IMA Roumba with some help from Paul Mueller

One bait that surprised me this past season is the Roumba from IMA baits. This wake/subsurface bait provides you with  things that many other shallow water hard baits don't or simply cant... that includes size, stealth and some seriously crazy action.

Lets start off by talking size, although the Rumba only comes in at 3 inches in length it makes up this shortfall in it's girth (insert joke here) and it's weight (just over 1/2oz). The wide body gives this bait a great profile in the water and is one of the main characteristics behind the baits erratic action in the water.

When it comes to the baits performance, you may be surprised to hear me use the word stealth, yes it is large and it is heavy, but it fishes like a ninja and will catch fish unaware, and force them to strike. The Roumba can be fished above or below the surface but I personally prefer to keep it on top. Quick jerks or taps with the rod tip will give the Roumba a seizure, and in turn drives fish crazy.

I have heard the Roumba called a "search" bait, and I guess I can agree with that, but not in a traditional sense of the word. I don't spray cast this bait over open areas of water looking for fish, but instead use it to find fish in areas fish like to hide.. the Roumba is a "go get 'em" bait. Cast it over or around various forms of structure and watch as the fish come out of hiding to come get it, kill it, and eat it.

I love to slow crawl the Roumba over submerged timber or make it dance on the roof of a weeded. This bait has replaced the Manns Baby -1 that I previously used in these situations.

I have started to carry 4 with me on the water (3 of them you can see below) and will be adding a 5th after I watched Paul's video (see below). The Bone and BlueGill colours are a must have in your tackle bag.. this last color is a "fisherman catcher" just way to cool to pass up but does not add much that the other two havent provided. The Roumba can be purchased in a Rattling and non Rattling version, me I like the rattle, so most of mine are Rattlin' Roumbas, this adds some weight, and makes it a bit less "ninjay" (pronounces NIN JA EE, and yes I just made that word up)

Hey, If you don't want to take my word for it, check out the below video from fellow Dobyns team member Paul Mueller..

to see more of Pauls videos click HERE

Last but not least If you are looking to get your hands on some IMA Roumba's here are some links to some of the best places to get your hands on one.

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