Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dobyns Rods January Tip of the Month: Rod Stress

(photo of Gary Dobyns borrowed from the gang at Tackle Tour)

The Dobyns tip of the month for January 2013 comes from washington state team member Doug Lane, and really can be considered two tips...

Just because you see the Pros boat swing a fish doesn't mean it's not hard on a rod blank. A significant number of blank failures are the result of improperly boat swinging larger fish. The practice, often called, "bouncing" is not only hard on fish, it's hard on a rod blank if not done carefully. Never isolate the stress on the upper section of the blank where the diameter is thinner. That will result in breakage more times than not. The stress placed on the thinner diameter upper third portion of the blank is meant to spread the stress of the load on the blank over a larger segment of the blank. That's what permits the rod to flex in the first place. Note where the flex of the blank shuts off and always avoid grasping the blank above that location. Dobyns rods are made of the highest quality materials in the industry but that won't prevent a failure if the angler chooses to boat swing larger fish and does not use the proper technique.

Dobyns rods provides crankbait rod models to meet every cranking application. Those anglers who seek the fullest level of senstivity in a crankbait rod, but desire the parabolic action found in quality glass rods can find the exact model they need in the champion CB and CBRM ( Randy Macabee ) series. Anglers who prefer the softer more forgiving action of glass can choose from the Champion 704CB Glass for finesse crankbaits to the 765CB glass for deep divers. No matter what attribute you are looking for, graphite or glass/composite, Dobyns rods provides the specific model to meet every bass angler's needs. If you have questions about any of the Dobyns crankbait models call and talk to the staff to help pick the perfect material, length and
action to meet your needs.

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