Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kingston Canadian Open 2012 - Final Results!

Well today wrapped up the 3rd annual Kingston Canadian open and it all came down to some familiar names and faces. As with 2011 he brother tandem of Cory and Chris Johnston was a force to be reckoned with with, Cory won the event with an overall weight of 71.9lbs and his brother finished in 4th with just over 62lbs

Another famous Canadian fishing family was also out in full force, both Bob and his son Darrin had the lead in the Pro and Amateur side of the event up until the last few minutes of the day, Bob was knocked back to third but Darrin placed 2nd respectively

Alright here is your top 5 on the pro side along with a pic..

1) Cory Johnston 71.9lbs

2) Dereck Strub 65.45lbs

3) Bob Izumi 63.85

4) Chris Johnston

5) Rob lamframbois 61.9lbs

What a gerat event, like last year it was extremely well run with lots of goodies to keep the kids happy and as you can see there are tons and tons of monster fish.

If you are looking for the full results breakdown, it can be found here
I have been trying to post it here but the list is way to large and hard to ready.

If you want to see all 80 photos I shot of the event (every team) please check click here

Again congrats to the winner Cory Johnston.. that $35,000 paycheck is well deserved

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