Monday, July 9, 2012

Bass Master Drops an ICAST 2012 Sneak Peak!

Like you, I salivate whenever I think about ICAST (ok well maybe Im just speaking for myself here, but I digress. Icast is just around the corner, and for those of us itching to get a look at next years product mix Bass has our back, as they released a 28 item sneak peak at some of the cool new toys coming at your in 2013

I narrowed down the BassMaster list to my top 3, and  since im a little bias you had to know that two for the three are frogs baits

1. Snag Proof "Ish Popping Frog"

a bug eye addition to the Ish series, this frog has two separate popping holes, one on each side of the frogs head. This frog may look strange, but I cant wait to get my hands on it

2. Evolve Lures Nervous Walker Frog 

I dont know what to say about this ugly looking snub nose fromfrog, there is no real info available on what they have changed from the original Nervous walker.. I will say that it does look different

In the caption the BM staff talks about "humpping" this frog, or working it in an up and down motion in stead of the typical walking side to side (their words not mine!). Not sure if this frog was designed slightly different to take advantage of this technique, or if Evovle is just using the re-launch to push a new technique.

3. And the Havoc Line Grows (again)

Im not a Berkely guy, and up until the launch of the Havoc line the only product of theirs I used was their Ribbon Tail worms (great punching bait). But the Havoc line has really caught my attention and I currently carry baits like the Pit Boss, The Devil Spear, the Juice Worm and Craw Fatty. This year the line has grow again and at ICAST Berkely will be adding a Pit Boss Chunk and the Rocket Craw. I know these baits are not a huge surprise to most, as I believe that both of these baits are currently available on the Berkely site, but in case you have not seen them locally.. take a look!

 I will say that at first glance I had written off the Rocket craw, it just seemed to have to much going on. But then I took a quick look at the video on the Berkley website (HERE) and was super impressed by the action of the bait. This is not a typical flipping craw, it is more of a swim craw, does that make sense? and if it doesn't just watch the video.

As for the Pit Boss Chunk, this will be added to my arsenal for sure. I love the original Pit Boss and use it on a regular bases. The Chunk version will be the perfect jig trailer. 

* Please note that the images used above have been pulled direclty from the Bass Master Sneak peek (see above link).

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