Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Retailer Spotlight:

This is the first in a series of reviews I will be working on to cover both store and web based retailers. As a Canadian Angler it can be hard at times to get your hands on the newest, latest and greatest, so I thought I would share with you the places I have found that do it , and do it well.

LandBigFish also known as LBF is an on-line and store based retailer from Akron Ohio. They have a wide selection of Bass products from most major brands and some you may have never heard of. They are also loaded with equipment for most other species including some great crappie gear.


LBF is very price competitive, and carry most major brands you are looking for. The site is easy to navigate, and has all product broken down into easy to use categories. All products are displayed well, with great images of all the product options available. Customers can also rate products they have used, a ratings are visible to all customers, this may help when deciding on what to buy, and what to avoid.

International shipping is available. Very Canadian customer friendly. they ship via USPS, so your package may take a bit longer to arrive, but you will also avoid any nasty UPS charges. As we know UPS is a Canadian fisherman's worst enemy.

The LBF website has some great customer friendly attributes. Not only does it allow you to start an account, but it also allows you to create and save "wish lists". I use this feature all the time to create a list of products I may want to order in the future. Once ready to order, I go to the wish list and add the product to my shopping cart, it is that easy, and it makes sure I dont forget about a product. All past invoices are stored in your account so you can review past purchases

LBF also gives a little back to it's customers,  by allowing you to accrue earnings on your account. A small percentage (1.5%) of each order  is saved in your account to be used on future orders.. It may sound small, but it is better then nothing (which is what most companies offer).


Although they take most major credit cards, LBF does not accept PayPal. I love to use PayPal when ordering from the US and look for companies that accept it.

You can expect to spend $12 or more when shipping into Canada, i have no issues with that, but it makes you want to place larger orders so that the shipping will drop per item. They offer free shipping over $50 to US customers but this is not extended to Canadian customers even when placing orders with values over $150. This is common, but would be a nice perk.

Service Level: High

I have been placing regular orders over the past 12 months and have yet to have an issue. All product arrives as ordered and in perfect condition. They send emails to confirm when you order has been placed and shipped. The site allows you to track your orders progress with ease.

Key Brands Carried:

this section will focus on unique brands that are quality products but harder to find in many canadian retailers. these are the brands I look for, and more importably buy and use!

Dobyns Rods,  Jackall, ISG TubesMissile BaitsBlack Angel Jigs, Lews Reels

Overall LBF is a great retailer to buy from, they are  well stocked up and take care of both their US and Canadian based customers. I know i will continue to order equipment from them, and if you have not checked them out I think you are missing out

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