Friday, January 13, 2012

Does your city have a Tackle Swap!

Im a bass fisherman, but the seasons closed, and Im an ice fisherman but I dont have much ice. So what else is a guy to do other then surf the net looking to learn, and looking for deals on equipment.

Today I came across a post on  Bigfatbass a good Canadian bass fishing forum, and the post was letting the members know about a fishing tackle swap meet being held in Whitby, Ontario. Now like most of you I frequent the odd flea market or swap meet and I see the table with the guy selling vintage and antique lures, rods and tackle.. but how cool would it be to hit up a swap meet full of guys like you selling new gear, slightly used gear, and everything in between. The deal hunter in me, got very excited at this notion.

Maybe this is not something new, and maybe you have one of these Tackle Swaps s in your area, but for me this was a brand new thing, something I had never heard of, and something I would love to take advantage of. To set up a table and sell off all the plastics that you bought and never used, or last years reel that has been replaced by this years "new and improved". I really like the idea of anglers getting together to sell equipment to other anglers, these kind of face to face setting are great to meet the guys you are already seeing on your lake, but just didn't know it.  Not only do you get a chance to buy some equipment, but you get a chance meet guys in your area with the same passion

I know I will try to drag my ass down to Whitby to take in this event, and next year for next year I will have to round up my fishing buddies and see if we can get one of these going in Kingson. does your city have a Tackle Swap meet, if not, it should!

Downtown Anglers of Durham Region Tackle Swap

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