Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Go Big or Go Home: Shaking the Big Bait Phobia

Some people are afraid of spiders, others are afraid of heights, but there is one crippling fear that often caused anglers to miss out on catching big fish.. and that's the fear of big baits!

Ive spoken to a Shrink and in turn I will be attempting to rid myself of this very specific phobia, the only way I know how.. throwing the biggest bad ass baits I can find. So this past off-season I spent some time seriously bulking-up.. no not personally, just to my arsenal, I  added monstrously sized swimabits, top water baits, worms,  and even frogs.. if you too are in need of some big bait medication, the following baits may just be the perfect cure

Hard SwimBait: Triton Mike Bucca's Bull Shad

ever since I toyed with the notion of going big, I have wanted to own a Bull shad swim bait, simply put they are handcrafted fully jointed perfection available in 5", 6" and 9" sizes. And remember going big does not not have to mean picking up the 9" version of this bait.. if your lake is overrun with guys using long but slender baits the wide profile of the  6" Bull Shad will really offer a unique look.

I love the almost dead or zombie like look of this bait, Bass love easy prey and the Bull Shad looks and moves like a live bait fish that has seen better days.

SPRO King Daddy

Frogs come in all shapes and sizes, but none are bigger then Spro's King Daddy, whose body alone is 3.5inches in length and its shoulders and back are wider then that of most pro wrestlers. Weighing in at 1oz and equipped with 4/0 gamakatsu hooks this frog is a force to be reckoned with.

Big fish looking for a "hungry man" sized meal will not be able to pass up the chance to hammer away at the King Daddy when walked in and over cover… be warned a frog this size will also attract the attention of many other predator fish such as pike and musky.

Zoom Mag Ol' Monster 12" Worm

10 inch worms have become the norm on many big fish lakes, so in order to make an impact you may need to go even bigger… Zoom stepped up to the plate this year in offering the 'Ron Jeremy" oops, sorry I mean the Magnum Ol' Monster and 12 inch version of the standard Ol' Monster.  Not only is this worm longer then it's now little brother, but it is also thicker/beefier. I love this worm and can't wait to throw it this coming season.

My personal best largemouth came on a 10'inch ribbon-tail worm, which in turn began the process of converting me to a large bait believer

El Grande Lures - Gila Monster

If your looking for a large bait that will slide through cover easily yet still offer you that big profile, then the Gila Monster by El Grande Lures would be a great addition to your arsenal.  Coming in at 8.75" this beast is a versatile bait that can be flipped, pitched and of course Carolina rigged. I love how the Gila Monster floats tail up, really driving fish crazy and making them want to kill it.. believe me when I say bites with this bait are truly furious

If a bait of nearly 9" in size scares you, then start out with the 5" version of the Gila Monster, then once your phobia passes and you want to catch fish with the big boys come on back to the Monster

IMA "Big Stick"

There are some pretty big top water baits hitting the water and shelves these days, but none are larger then the "Big Stick" by IMA.  This 7" walking, popping spitting beast truly lives up to it's name. The sheer size of the Big Stick makes it easily seen in deep and shallow water alike, it walks like a well-trained dog, pops like a bubble and spits up more then a new born baby. 

but to truly understand how large this bait is, all you need to do check out the bathroom scales.. yes, it really weighs 1.75 oz and is equipped with Owner 1/0 trebles, so open up your bail and let this baby fly

the big bait montra:  Fear nothing, catch everything

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