Friday, April 4, 2014

Custom Treble Shop Now Open!

I have been very surprised with the level of interest in the custom dressed treble hooks that I have been sharing here as well as on the BJFA Facebook page, since beginning this journey back in December I have had multiple requests to purchase some of the various patterns I have been working on, and up until this time I have been putting them off.. until now.

Today I have officially opened the Custom Treble Dress Shop (link found on the right hand side of this page)


All trebles are custom made to order, and 100% hand tied by me personally. Any interested buyers can choose from the growing list of patterns found on the BJFA Facebook page as well as in the all new Custom Treble Shop found HERE, or you can request a completely custom design to match your favourite bait.

If you would like me to create a custom treble you will be able to choose the Hook brand, size, thread colour, feather colour as well as flash. If you provide a picture of your bait I can provide feedback or suggest various colour options. As a form of reference below you will find a custom treble I created for a Rapala X-Rap Popper.


Standard ties on a quality hook of your choice (Gamakatsu, VMC, Mustad) will cost $3 per hook or $5 for a pair. If you provide the hooks a standard tie fee of $2 per hook will be the only cost to you.

Note: Trokar hooks are also available but will cost $5 per hook 

Currently PayPal is the only payment option available (unless your local, in which case case is acceptable)

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