Sunday, October 20, 2013

National a new way of thinking and learning!

Have you ever heard of ( NPS for short). If not and you are an angler actively trying to improve your skills and knowledge or looking to break into the sponsorship side of the sport, then this is a website you really need to check out.

NPS has been on the scene is late 2011, and has been growing and expanding ever since. The goal or mission of NPS is to help bridge the gap between the general angler and professionally sponsored anglers. Their site allows anglers to build a resume, post photos, reports and follow their favourite anglers as they do the same.

There are many sides to NPS, and for those just starting out it is a great learning tool  that can be used free of charge to follow your favourite anglers or companies as they provide fishing tips and reports. For the more advanced angler looking to get noticed or apply to various teams, there is a paid version of the site that will help you along the way.. check out the below links to learn more about the various options that NPS provides...

Click Here for info on the Free General Membership

Click Here for  info on Amateur Pro bennefits and upgrading your account

Click Here to learn more about getting sponsorships and applyig for teams using NPS

With the backing of companies like: Dobyns, The Rod Glove, Shimano, Abu Garcia, Humminbrid, Berkley, Power Pro, Jackall, Navionics, Numa, SPRO and many more, this is a website worth checking out.. there is no better way to get noticed

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