Thursday, October 10, 2013

Left Behind: How to lose a rod/reel

Is there a worse feeling  then reaching for a rod only to realize that it's gone? Thats the horror I went through yesterday as I grabbed for my Dobyns 735c/Daiwa Tatula combo... only to find an empty rod glove in it's place.. NOOOOOOO!

Panic ensued as I quickly realized that I must have left the rod behind during a fishing trip the day previous. I frantically scoured the shoreline, grass, bushes and even the trees but to no avail, they where gone.

What this means: Christmas has come early for one local angler, as that is one sweet combo they have lucked upon. All I can hope is that in my own stupidity, I have at least gotten this rod and reel into the hands of a future Dobyns and Daiwa customer.. because like Lays potato chips, once you try 'em you cant stop at just one

On the off chance, this lucky person is reading this article and has a conscious, please get in touch with me, and if not, enjoy the combo and the Snag Proof Ish Phattie as well (great frog)

Damn, I feel dumb

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