Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toray BAWO Super Power "Finesse" Braid Fishing Line Review

The sheer number of braided lines currently available to anglers is mind numbing, yet each year more and more lines continue to hit the market, each one touted as he next best thing,  but trust a guy who spends way too much time and money testing lines, when I tell you that very few of these lines live up to the hype.  Why, well not all braids are created equal and like with various fluoro and mono lines some brands just perform some techniques better. Toray Bawo Finesse braid is one of those rare lines that performs very well in both finesse and power technique situations

Toray Power Finesse braid is an 8 Stand braided line that ranks right up there with one of (if not the) best braids I have ever cast. No matter if I'm chucking hollow body frogs or flipping 1/4oz jigs this braid provides long smooth casts, flips and pitches

When you first get your hands/fingers on Toray Finesse braid you will be surprised how limp or supple it really is. This comes down to the fact that it is not coated with any of the crap you find on many other braids, sure this coating may hold in the color a bit better, but it gives your line that stiffer feel (a good example of this is Power Pro line) Toray is non-coated, not only does this improve your casting distance but it also removes that dreaded "braid vs. guides" sound that like nails on a chalk board hurts anglers right down to your teeth.

Note: Due to its incredible thinness I actually started using Torays 40lb braid for techniques that in the past I would normally have used the 20lb size of another brand braid. This gives me extra strength, while still taking advantage of a thin supple line that allows me to feel everything, and allows my bait to fall naturally 

Power Finesse is available in 10-66lb strengths. Unlike with other braids I like what I see quality wise in the small sizes (20lb) right on up to the 66lb for flipping and frogging. I find some other brands do one or two sizes well, but start to fall down when they get into either the larger or small diameters. This is not the case with Power Finesse 

Toray Finesse Braid is only available in what is known as "filler spools" of approximately 82 yards, I have heard this talked about as a "con", and I disagree, this smaller size removes any chance that Im going to fill an entire spool with this quality line and end up wasting the line that gets chunked up with use. We have all seen what the lower half of a spool of braid looks like at the end of the season, its not pretty, and although that line has not actually hit the water it has been thoroughly used and abused (why do that to a quality product)

Last but not least is the "white markings" that show up ever meter throughout the spool. These marks help add a bit of visibility to your line above the water and work well as a guide when changing baits. This may not be what they were designed for but I use the white marks as a frame of reference when as That first meter of line  coming up from your bait takes  more abuse on each cast then any other portion of the spool. It often comes in-contact with rocks, timber and various other structure you are banging your bait off during the retrieve. When it is time to re-tie I use check the last meter of line for nicks and frays. If I'm fishing timber and rocks I will often cut off that last meter each time I retie. (like with any braid the color will bleed with use, this will darken the white areas but they are still clearly visible on the spool or above the water.

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