Friday, September 6, 2013

Looking Back 2: A Photo Journal of my Fishing Past

This is one of those throwaway posts to be honest, Im in Italy tight now taking in the sights and food.. so I thought what better time then to throw out a "FlashBack Friday" post like people don on Facebook and Instagram. So here goes.. more memories from my  "fishing past". 

These pics may not make you laugh as loud as the pervious journal.. my dads 70's hair is no-where to be found. What these pics do show is my growing love for the sport and how I became hooked at a young age.. they also show I had poor choice in baseball teams (a yankee and Texas Rangers fan!)

These shots were taken over a span of a couple years at various locations. The top image is at a friends cottage,  and that Bass was a personal best at the time, and looks much smaller then I remembered. I caught it while in a paddle boat and quickly paddled to shore to show off my catch to my parents and some family friends

Image #2 was taken at yet another family friends cottage. I still remember getting up early everyday, getting dressed and heading down to the dock to meet the day. This photo was taken by my mother who also got up early to photograph me

Last but not least the above photo was taken after a day on the water with my grandfather. Trout was the species of choice in my area.. oh who quickly I grew out of that. Check out that Texas Rangers cap in all three pics (i still have that hat) and im sporting a Nolan Ryan shirt.. still my baseball hero

thanks for reading, and Ill be back next week

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