Monday, May 13, 2013

Daiwa Project T begins...


There are some exciting things happening at Daiwa HQ, and although "Project T" is still officially on the down-low, over the next few months Team Daiwa will be teasing and tempting us with 10 web videos leading up to the official launch at ICAST 2013

If you are a stickler for punishment (like me) be sure to check out "Episode 1" and get ready for the next generation of Daiwa reel

Project T is coming! watch the right side panel for weekly "project T" videos as they become available

Episode 2: May 15th 2013.. First Sighting

Episode #3 - May 22nd 2012.. the features

Episode 4: May 29th.. USA Pro's Teaser

Episode 5: June 5th.. More Ish

Episode 6: June 11th.. Lite-weight affordable reel!

Episode 7: it's all about the Air Rotation!

Episode 8: The T-Wing System


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