Sunday, May 26, 2013

Live Target Field Mouse.. Bigger and Better for 2013

The Live Target field mouse was a "must have bait" back in 2012. When launched it was unlike any current offerings on the market and like with every thing that Live Target touches it quickly turned to gold.

I too was on the band-wagon and quickly snapped up both sizes (see review HERE). Once home and out of the package, buyers remorse started to set in, as I was  immediately unimpressed by the sizes that Live Target choose to introduce this bait in.. sizes I will simply call: small and smaller

Once on the water I started to get a bit more comfortable with the Field mouse, it moves very well, and has an almost walk & roll cadence not offered by many hollow body baits. The long dangly tail (although fragile) offers up a worm like presentation when paused, that hags down in the water driving fish crazy.

Still even with all it's "pros" the size continues to bothered me, so I decided to voice my concern, and I was not the only one, as time after time I saw this comment pop up on various fishing boards as well as in conversations on the water. 

Skipping ahead to 2013, while taking in a local Fishing and Sports show, I noticed an unusually large Live Target package hanging on the wall and low and behold it encased a thing of beauty, the new larger sized Live Target Field Mouse..  the MHB90T is what I feel could be thee perfect sized mouse bait, coming in a 3.5 inches long and 1oz in weight, it dwarfs it's little brothers, but still keeps the it's profile, swimming action and overall quality we have come to expect from the original

I for one am really looking forward to giving this bait a real world test drive, and fingers crossed I may just have a new favourite mouse bait

They are not widely available as of yet, but If you want to get your hands on one you can find them at: Tackle Warehouse 

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