Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fish Tales: Fishing with Kenny

I have a feeling that this post could easily turn into a mini series, because it seems that every time we step on the boat (or ice) with Kenny weird shit happens, and usually to him. This past weekend in Simcoe Kenny experienced the "luck of Irish" although Im not really sure if he is Irish, he does have red hair.. (or use to anyways)

#1:  Slip'n & Slide'n

When we first arrived at Simcoe we began the process of unloading and reloading our gear, Kenny was carrying his rods as well as his shiny new Marcum camera, after taking about 10 steps he slips and falls, sending him and his gear flying...

Possible Outcomes: Broken rods, a damaged camera, a broken hip (as I said Kenny is old, so hey it is possible!)

What did happen?: Nothing but a bit of a bruised ego. Yes Kenny and his gear both lived to laugh about what would be a ominous start to Kenny's day on the ice

#2: The case of missing Marcum

for transportation to our hut rental we were piled in a snow mobile pulled train of ice huts, it was a tight fit and we shared the ride with a few groups of angler from various parts of Canada and beyond, the ride was a bit cramped but much better then the long cold walk we are use to experiencing.

Our stop was the first on the route and we hopped out excited to start the day. Once in our hut we began to break out the electronics, and that's when I we watched Kenny begin to Frantically look for this Marcum camera.. we know he had it (see above) but it was now nowhere to be found. After a thorough search we came to the conclusion that it was left on our ice hut train ride.. 20 minutes or more had passed since our stop and it was now time to test the honesty of ice fisherman...

Possible Outcomes: We don't like to admit or think about it, but yes even in the sport of fishing there are liars and thieves, this camera is worth $600, and part of me wondered if we would ever see it again

What actually happen?: Using the number provided in our hut for emergencies we called "Steve's Fish Huts" and explained the issue. He then tracked down his driver who searched the ice hut train and then turned around to return Kenny's camera

#3: The Mystery of the Ice Hole Magnetics 

If you are an ice fisherman you have experienced the black hole like power of an "ice hole" it seems no matter what you drop on the ice, keys, pliers, fish you name it, they always find a way to slide down a freshly drilled ice hole. With this in mind I will tell you that the ice holes cut out at Steve's fish Huts (see below) are large enough that you could easily loose a person...

After we had been fishing for about an hour I watched in slow motion as Kenny made the move to grab his cooler from under the bench, as he bent down his glasses slid from his face and made the long slow journey down to the floor of the ice hut bouncing once and taking a mid air turn toward the magnetic pull of the ice hole

Possible Outcomes: Ice is hard, so the probability of Kenny's glasses loosing the battle with the ice or the hard wood flooring of the ice hut was a high risk, even more of a possibility was that he would lose them down the hole never to be seen again ( other then on his Marcum camera)

What Actually Happened?: After taking their bounce his glasses slide along the edge of the ice hole an teetered there for a moment before coming to a full stop on the edge of this huge black holes

As you can see Kenny appears to have firmly planted an horseshoe up his ____. He did battle with fate three times on our trip to Simcoe and won out each and every time.. this is not always the case as you will read in future instalments

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