Friday, December 7, 2012

Bass Fishing Christmas List 2012

With Christmas fast approaching, there is no better way to put a bug in my wife's ear about the goodies I would like to find under the tree , then posting a blog (yeah as if my wife reads my blog)

Anyways, as a guy known to have everything there is still a few things I have on my 2012 Christmas list.. i bet a few of them are on yours as well... lets compare

Duo Realis Popper 64:

I was honoured when asked to give the DUO line of baits a test drive earlier this season, and I was so happy with what I saw most of the baits maid it into my everyday arsenal. One bait that I did not get to test out is the Realis Popper 64, it is a stellar looking popper that I cant wait to add to my top water arsenal. These bad boys are in demand and hard to fins, so I hope Santa has me covered

Daiwa Ballistic Spinning Reel:

Last year I asked Santa for a Daiwa T3 Ballistic casting reel, and I was such a good kid he brought me TWO!, I have since changed my entire bait casting arsenal over to Daiwa and think it may be time to do the same with my spinning reels.

What caught my eye this year is the Daiwa Ballistic Spinning reel, which has more in common with the T3 then it's name. The Ballistic is a lightweight reel made of the same Zaion material as the T3, it's dense, strong and lightweight.. what more can you ask for in a reel.  I have yet to put my hands on one of these bad boys, but Im hoping to find one under the tree come Christmas Day

MegaBass Pony Frog:

You can never have enough frog baits, well thats my life philosophy anyways. So you know I have to get my hands on the new frog from Megabass.  The Pony Frog is an interesting bait with some changes to challenge the born.. first off the skirt is up high on the ass end of the frog, it sits up, like a horse or pony tail would. Secondly this frog comes with an additional nose ring to help give it even more erratic motion while in the water. I like the look of this frog and hope to find one under the tree.

Castaic Frog Brigade Topwater Umbrella Rig:

whats Christmas without the odd gag gift? Well It don't get much odder then the Castaic Frog Umbrella rig, you heard me, a frog umbrella rig. Normally I may scoff at items like this, but with the success of the standard umbrella rig and my love for everything frog related, this little beauty is right up my ally

Stocking Stuffers:

whats Christmas without a stocking? here are a few things I would like to find in my stocking on Christmas morning

Rod Glove "Pro Series" - I gotta to admit, I love my original series Rod Gloves, but when that pro series dropped, I started to get jealous, they are a sweet looking product that will provide your gear that extra bit of protection

Trokar Hooks - Im by no means new to Trokar hooks, but my success with them last season has made me rethink my current hook assortment, maybe it's time to add a lot more Trokars!

GoPro Wifi BackPac - Last season I picked myself up some GoPro cameras, and they are as advertised.. very cool, and fun to use. One down fall was that you could not see how the camera was pointed unless you had an LCD backpac on it, and then you could also see it at time of set-up and in the cold the  LCD did not work the best.. Thats where the Wifi BackPac comes in, this baby works like the LCD backpac but instead uses your phone as a viewfinder and control system.. very cool idea for a very cool camera system

Happy holidays and I hope you find what your looking for under the tree this year.


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