Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A New Generation of Anglers.. Dressed for Success

There is a new younger generation that is in the process of taking the reigns from the old guard. With them comes a new attitude, and a new look.

Loud, Tattooed and dressed like rock stars the young generation has just as much love and passion for their apparel as they do for the sport of fishing. Our clothing is loud, brass rude and makes a statement about our generation and the sport we love.. there are a few companies that have caught on to this trend and are banging out some seriously good fishing relates apparel... if you have not hear of any of the below companies you need to check them out

Brass Knuckles

Hailing from California USA the team from Brass Knuckles bangs out some seriously hip gear, that appeals to those anglers with that little bit of edge. I really like what I have seen from them and to be honest the below hoodie sparked this entire article.

Brass Knuckles has a line of T-Shirts, Hats, Hoodies and more. Their prices range from $19.99 to $44.99. 

To me the below image is the standout of their line-up and will be a staple in my on and off the water dress code. To find more products by Brass Knuckles, click HERE 

Limit Gear

Limit Gear is a start-up out of Jacksonville FLA, still new to the market  they are slowly but surly making a name for themselves.

Their line of shirts are designed for hunters and anglers alike. Many are equipped with various  motivational sayings or statements... including  a new classic " I Love Fat Girls"

I really dig what Limit Gear is doing, they have a great logo and put our a quality product. The team is hard at work getting their name out there and can be seen at various charity events and tournaments (you gotta respect that).

Their website is still under construction so if you are looking to pick up some Limit Gear you will need to check out their shop on their FaceBook page (HERE) While your there be sure to click the like button if you want to stay informed on new products and designs.

Limit Gear T-Shirts run from between $18 and $20


I came across the Cast Crew on the ever popular social media site 'Instagram" where they are constantly showing off their gear as well as their monster fish. The Cast Crew hail from Chicago Il, and really caught my attention with this "public enemy-esque"  bullseye t-shirt (I must have one)

They don't have a monster line-up at this time but they do have a nice collection of t-shirts, hats, towels and stickers. Prices range from $25-$45 and the only real flaw I can find is that they don't Ship to Canada! whats up with that?

If you want to check out the Cast Crew store click HERE and be sure to let them know that we want their gear up here in the cold north

Bass Brigade

I saved this one for last as I think Bass Brigade has some of the coolest shirts currently available for this generation of anglers (they speak to me anyways). Home based  in California, Bass Brigade has been doing it own thing since 2008, and their designs speak for themselves (so do the sales as most of their shirts are currently sold out). Simple  black T's with punchy slogans are exactly what I want.  Below is the T-shirt that drew my attention to BB, but it is not the only statement shirt they carry, "Bass Fishing Changed My Life" as well as "Cast and Destroy" round out a pretty impressive line-up of shirts. You may also recognize the ever popular "carry on" or "Keep Calm" shirts that are flooding all markets. Bass Brigades take is simple.. Keep Calm and Fish on"

These shirts are a lot of fun, my only issue with Bass Brigade is their shipping, I added one t-shirt to my shopping cart ($25) and the shipping into Canada was $30! ouch, that is never going to happen. Companies overlooking the Canadian market are making a big mistake

So there you have it, 4 companies banging out top notch gear for anglers young and old. I know this off season is going to be an expensive one, as I add these and more to my expanding wardrobe (think my wife will share her closet)

This by no means covers all the cool brands out there, I avoided many of the brands you are already familiar with due to their availability on site such as TackleWarehouse, brands like Bassaholics, TopWater Clothing and Bass King all make a good product, but focus more on splashy logos or graphics. I like my gear plain and simple, but with a message.. Im a Fisherman

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