Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fish Tales: Early Morning Tailgater

Last Sunday morning while on my way to a tournament being held on Chandos Lake, I had a brief run-in that is eerily similar to some some urban legends we use to tell around the camp fire as kids.. this is a true storey...

It is 4:00am on a stormy Sunday morning, although barley awake Im making the drive from my home town of Peterborough, On to Chandos lake, just north of the sleepy town of Apsley. The roads are dead and for the first 45 minutes of my drive there is not another sole in sight. My coffee, some tunes and the occasional suicidal raccoon  are the only thing keeping me wake.. that is until I reach "The Sandman Motel"

This is where I come across the first vehicle and person I have seen today. Sitting in an old all white beat-up  pick-up truck I can barley make out the shape of a man, his truck is running but his lights are off. As I drive pass the truck, the lights flick on and the truck pulls out the parking lot and proceeds to slowly follow me through town and onto the quiet Hwy headed towards Chandos Lake.

Constantly watching my mirrors, I notice the truck has gaining on my slightly, so being polite I slow down to make it easier for him to pass me.. but, instead he too slows down. At this lime I start to get annoyed and decide to pick-up some speed and see if he will do the same... sure enough the driver of the White pick-up is still with me and continues to follow me for the next 15 minutes, all the way to the boat launch on Chandos Lake.

When I turn off the road and into the launch parking lot the white pick-up follows me. This is about the time when I got a bit nervous. My partner is meeting me at the launch but we are always super early and I like to be first on scene to secure good parking..  lucky for me as I drive across the lot I notice that another boat has beaten me to the launch, it is parked quietly just off the ramp, so i decided to pull up right next to them.

The white Pick-up follows me to the launch and stop right behind me. For what seemed like forever the driver of the white truck sat behind me, not turning off his lights, not getting out, but not leaving either. Then suddenly the driver throws the pick-up in reverse and turns out of the launch back onto the HWY and heads back the exact same way we just came.. I sat confused in my car for a few minutes then proceeded to get out and share my storey with the other anglers.

it was just a little too back county "Deliverance" for my liking.

I dont know if this was a case of mistaken identy or some strange back country guy looking to get into some trouble, all I know if that it was not the way I wanted to start my day.

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