Monday, December 19, 2011

Numa Sport Optics... on the boat or in the blind

(Numa Sparta Frame Polar Smoke Lens Mirrored)

As a guy who has spent the better part of my adult life wearing glasses, i have a harder time then most getting my hands on a good pair of sunglasses.  There are so many restrictions on what can and cannot be done with a prescription I end up settling on something that wont break the bank, instead of the product i really need or want. But not this time, not only did Numa easily fit my prescription into the frame I wanted, but they applied many of the frame enhancements that make Numa the forerunner (in my mind) in outdoorsman quality sunglasses.

Numa Sport Optics are newer on the scene (2007) but are quickly gaining a reputation for great looking glasses that take some serious abuse. These glasses are built to withstand the everyday environment and the daily grind, fisherman, hunters, military and police put them through. Not many glasses available today can boast what Numa boasts.. 

If thats not enough, one of the best perks I have seen is the 3 lens pack that comes standard with all Numa glasses (non prescription orders only). How many glasses companies to you know that offer you three lenses with your glasses? A polarized smoke, a high contrast and a clear,  you are now set for all weather and lighting conditions.. gone are the days of buying and carrying multiple frames. With a quick snap you can change Numa lenses with ease.  

These glasses were created for you and me, they are made for the boat, the blind or on the trail. Dont get me wrong they look great, but they main thing here is that they will hold up all day long day in and day out. They have the outdoorsman in mind right from the start.. we were not an after thought like with many other companies... dont believe me, check out the below video

(Numa Glasses getting run over by a Truck!)

Take if from me, I have owned glasses from sports companies (Nike) and other leaders in the market (Oakley) and these are a superior product...

Bend, Smash, stretch, wear.. now thats a sunglass slogan I can get behind!

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