Friday, December 9, 2011

My Bass Fishing Christmas List 2011

With Christmas fast approaching, there is no better way to put a bug in my wife's ear about the goodies I would like to find under the tree , then posting a blog (yeah as if my wife reads my blog)

Anyways, as a guy known to have everything there is still a few things I have on my 2011 Christmas list.. i bet a few on them are on yours as well..

Dobyns Coalition  Rods:

you'd think as a guy who currently has about ten Dobyns rods, i would be looking for something else under the tree, but nope, I can always use another Dobyns rod and with the release of the Coalitions series Im looking for a little camo under the tree this year. (for those new to Dobyns rod, I'd recommend giving the 735c a test drive)

Live Target Field Mouse:

as a frog fisherman you think it would be a little blasphemous to start throwing a "field mouse", but hey i already added a bird to my frog fishing arsenal earlier this season so why stop there. And can you really go wrong with Live target baits. There collection of frogs both hollow and hard bodies were some of the best baits I tied on my line this year. I dont think my wide has the heart to buy a mouse like fishing lure, so i dont expect to unwrap one of these beauties this Holiday.

Daiwa T3 Ballistic Reel:

This is another jump in tradition, Im a pretty hard core Shimano guy when it comes to fishing reels. But I have seen some very good reviews on Daiwa T3 Ballistic reel, and im a huge fan of the look and feel of this reel ( thing damn near looks like the bat mobile). The  t-wing design is an interesting spin on a standard baitcaster system and since Shimano continues to mess with a good thing (curado series) It's time to test the market. I have held this reel in my hand and take my word for it, this reel is light weigh and built tuff. Im also drawn to the exterior brake adjustments, the internal system is such a pain to use, this quick on the go adjustment is perfect for on the water.. and under the tree

Triton Mike Bull Shad:

A technique that I have not spent muck time learning is swim baits, and even more so.. big swim baits. The Triton Mike Bull shad is in a league of it's own, a high quality bait that makes fish angry, the Bull shad calls in big bass and they not only hit it, they want to swallow these things whole. Watching video after video of big bass smashing these baits put them at the top of my wish list this Christmas.

Sworming Hornet Alabama Rig:

whats Christmas without the odd gag gift? well to me there is no better gag gift then the sworming hornet Alabama rig, where did these things come from anyways? I think I would rather receive a singing bass (or should I say "another singing bass"). Im sorry I know there are some guys out there catching fish on these rigs, and maybe I will be eating my words down the road. But for now Im going to leave this bait on the stores shelve.

Stocking Stuffers:

whats Christmas without a stocking? here are a few things I would like to find in my stocking on Christmas morning

The Reel Glove - what better way to keep my new T3 Ballistic in mint condition, this is another quality product from the Rod Glove

VMC Spinshot Dropshot Hook - I enjoy throwing a drop shot rig, and this hook looks like it will help keep things running smooth when casting and dragging. Definitely want to give these a shot.

KVD Spinnerbait Slide Chart - there is no more talented spinner bait fisherman then KVD, and even though this thing looks oddly like my wife's Weight Watchers point guide, I still would like to give it a try. Hell it cant hurt my spinner bait technique.

Happy holidays and I hope you find what your looking for under the tree this year.

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