Tuesday, April 25, 2017

5 Canadian Fishing Companies Making Waves South of the Border

Way too often Canadian anglers look south when spending their hard earned money on fishing equipment and supplies, but as the gear prices climb due to a weak Canadian dollar we are getting to a point in which some hard choices need to be made. 

The below Canadian companies are making this choice much easier, with high quality offerings that are not only turning heads in Canada, but south of the border as well... there are some pastt and maybe future ICast winners in this bunch.

Anglers Choice

Anglers Choice is a soft plastic bait company out of Western Ontario known for their killer assortment of hand made baits. With 9 (soon to be 10) baits options Anglers Choice is building up a nice little arsenal for both Large mouth and Small mouth fisherman.

A personal favourite of mine is their take on the senko called the Wart Hawg, available in 4,5,6 and 7" sizes bait really can be fished in any situation. Its soft plastic body holds up well and is perfect for wacky worm fishing , its slow fall almost shivers in the water. 

 If you're more of a smallmouth angler then check out the KillShot  drop shot bait. Its flat bottom and ribbed top are a thing of beauty and make all condom companies jealous. These baits are deadly on large smallmouth fisheries like Lake Ontario and Erie. 

If you would like to learn more about Anglers Choice drop by your local Canadian Tire store or check out one of these on-line retailers:

You can also give their Facebook page a like HERE


With only a few years under their belt Kamooki is still an industry young gun. This Edmonton based start-up took the ice fishing industry by storm back in 2013 with the release of it's smart fish. A lead free bait powered by a zinc base that has an incredible fall and even better pause. The ultimate on ice weapon the smart fish attracks pike, walleye and all varieties of panfish and has quickly become a staple on many of Canada's major ice fishing lakes. 

This year saw the release of the Kamooki Smart Craw, a smallmouth slayer with a wide lazy wobble and an irresistible click as its zinc base knocks up and down against the rocks. Just like the Smart Fish the Smart Craw shineswhile on the pause, its body design allowing it to move with the current all while sitting in the same spot and imitating a crawfishes natural stance. 

If you haven't heard of these guys yet, It won't be long. They have already found their way to ICast, as well as the pages of In-Fisherman Magazine, BASS Magazine and the all too important TackleTour review.  Be sure to check out their Facebook Page HERE as well as Instagram Page HERE

The Perfect Jig

You have to go all the way back to 2013 to view the last article I wrote listing the Canadian companies that I though deserved more attention from fisherman. Even back then the Perfect Jig was on the list and  4 years later not much has changed other than the growing number of fisherman now throwing "the perfect jig".

From the Arky to the Elite series you will be hard pressed to find a a more versatile selection of bass catching jigs. if you're like me and spend most of your time working heavy grass, check out the MILF  Master jig, specifically designed for use in milfoil and grass.

Over the years Perfect Jig founder Brendan Knaggs has also begun to branch out offering a selection of soft plastics and terminal tackle go go along with his custom designed jigs. You never whats next with these guys, so be sure to follow them on FaceBook and Instagram  to stay ahead of the game.


"A Northern Original" there are not many Canadian based companies that have made as big a splash in the industry as the team at RahFish. This Ontario based start-up hit the ground running with an impressive series of articles and reviews and as their popularity grew (and believe me it grew) they started to get requests for RAHFISH apparel. Flash forward to 2017 and RAHFISH is has become a highly recognizable brand bringing fishing fashion to a whole new level.

I mean come-on what angler doesn't love his collection of T's and hoodies! Check out their full line up, and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram 


Who would have thought that protecting your gear would be come a full time gig.. The Owner of The Rod Glove and all around good guy Jim VanRyn knew that he had something special when back in 2010  he launched The Rod Glove.

Since that time he has expanded his Rod Glove line-up to include Reel Gloves, and the very popular Rod Glove Wrapz, that in my humble opinion are the best rod wraps on the market today. You dont have to take my word for it, Jim and the Rod Glove boast and impressive pro-staff including Gerald G-Man Swindle, Brent Ehler, Randy Howell and my buddy Paul Mueller. 

Do yourself and your gear a favour, protect your investment with the Rod Glove. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

So their you have it, 5 Canadian fishing companies that do it just as good or better then anyone else, and the're right here in your back yard. So let your money go a bit further this season and support some home grown talent. If you do, maybe next time this I update this list it will include 10 new Canadian companies.