Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dobyns Rods - No Angler Left Behind

I often get asked why I own _______  number of fishing rods (actual number redacted to protect my marriage), and why I won't hit the water with any less then 6 rods in the boat. The answer is easy, like in any sport or profession the tools I need to do the job on any given day (an through out that day) changes, thus for the same reason golfers don't play the whole course using just a putter anglers don't fish every lure or technique with the same rod (reel, line, and so on)

This is why I choose Dobyns rods. They practise the rule of "No Angler left behind" by providing us with 5 series of rod each offering a wide assortment or lengths, speeds and power ratings. Over these series I have been able to pinpoint exactly what I need for each of the techniques I use ensuing improved comfort and even more importantly improving my ability to land fish.

Do you Dobyns?

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