Saturday, July 16, 2016

ICAST 2016 - Best in Show Winners

ICAST2016 is officially in the books, and if you are like me your social media streams have been hammered with images from all the amazing products (and the odd dud) featured in this years ICAST new product show case.. from the hundreds and hundreds or products showcased there can only be a few select that are crowned "Best in Show" a title that will launch small start-ups to stardom or just help line the pockets of the big guns that already run the industry.

Here they are the Best in Show Winners from the 2016 ICAST show.. Bass anglers edition

New Product Showcase

ICAST 2016 Overall Best of Show – Johnson Outdoors – MINN KOTA

Media Contact: Jim Edlund

Best of Show – Freshwater Rod – St. Croix Rods

Media Contact: Dena Woerner

Best of Show – Freshwater Reel – Lew’s Fishing Tackle

Media Contact: Gary Dollahon

Best of Show – Hard Lure – Savage Gear USA

Product: 3D Suicide Duck
Media Contact: Carmen MacDonald

Best of Show – Soft Lure – Squidnation

Media Contact: Bill Pino

Best of Show – Lifestyle Apparel – Under Armour, Inc.

Media Contact: Heather Miller

Best of Show – Technical Apparel – Plano Synergy

Media Contact: Josh Lantz

Best of Show – Boating Accessories – Johnson Outdoors, Inc.

Media Contact: Jim Edlund


Best of Show – Boats – Johnson Outdoors Watercraft, Inc.

Media Contact: David Hadden

Best of Show – Combo – Lew’s Fishing Tackle

Media Contact: Gary Dollahon

Best of Show – Electronics – Johnson Outdoors – Humminbird

Product: HELIX 10 SI
Media Contact: Jim Edlund

Best of Show – Eyewear – Costa

Product: Rafael
Media Contact: Liza Jones

Best of Show – FishSmart – Adventure Products

Media Contact: Grant Corbett

Best of Show – Line – G. Pucci & Sons, Inc.

Media Contact: Stefano Pucci

Best of Show – Tackle Management – Cobra Garage Door Storage

Media Contact: Pete Wagner

Best of Show – Terminal Tackle – Trapper Tackle

Media Contact: Noel Vick

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