Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Springfield Pedestal Stand - Buying Beware

Im not a small guy, but not by any means am I a big guy. So when I purchase items meant to hold me up while on the water I kind of expect them to last.. more then one season that is

But thats not the case for this one year old Springfield pedestal. It started to fail mid last year, and after two outings this season its pretty much unusable. I purchased it from Cabela's so I  reached out to them to see what kind of warranty they offered on it. They let me know that the product has a 5yr warranty but its through the manufacturer and they were nice enough to provided contact their contact info.

So I reach out to Springfield and I got a fairly quick  reply stating that it is under warranty and all I need to do is box it up and pay to ship it back to them.. oh yeah, I also need to enclose a cheque for the return shipping $52.36USD!. Once received they will repair it for me, or might (if I'm lucky) replace it. I found this hard to swallow because  after paying to ship it to them, and the outrageous return shipping fee, I could simply jump on the Cabela's site and get a brand new one! cheaper and quicker..That's right these stands retail for $49.99!

I'm tired of companies hiding behind flimsy warranties, why would anyone pay the price asked when you could simply replace the stand, and I believe Springfield is banking on this. I bet they don't do too many warranty repairs

All in all I'm pretty disappointed, mostly in Springfield but also a bit in Cabela's who are known for backing products. If you go to their site now you will see that over the past year this product repeatedly gets bad reviews due to this pin bending and in many cases breaking. Let me tell you, if mine broke and sent me falling, this short post is not the last they would have heard from me. but in this case its easier to write off Springfield and second guess myself the next time i choose to order from Cabelas 

End of Rant

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