Monday, January 11, 2016

Learning to Tie - How-to Create Your Own Custom Treble Hooks - Classic Stinger

Feathered or dressed treble hooks are an important element to your top water lures and jerk baits. They add that natural live like movement to your your baits even on the longest of pauses. The weird thing is that many baits come without this finishing touch and others come with a quick and cheap version that won't last your first few fish.. so if you want to be keep your baits looking alive,  your going to need to learn to tie your own (or you know, purchase some from me, lol).

The Key to any good custom treble starts with the hook, I tie all of my trebles exclusively with Gamakatsu hooks, this means they cost me a bit more, but the one thing you learn early in fishing is never skimp on your hook.

Once you have your hook selected you can now start to narrow down the colours you want to use, in this instance I'm keeping it simple and tying what I call the "classic stinger" meaning white feathers with a red or black thread and some crystal flashing. This design works with any bait colour combination and is probably the most common dressed treble colour on the market today.

What makes my custom trebles different? as mentioned above it comes down to quality components and a little extra time and care. You may notice on many of the stock feathered hooks that come on your baits  they only use 3 feathers, this makes your treble susceptible to wearing out quickly as well as not giving off as big of a profile as my custom hooks do. I use 2 feathers per size, 6 total per treble, so if one breaks down the hook still has its motion and profile intact. I'm also pretty heavy handed with the nose thread and head cement. You want everything sealed up tight to ensure durability. 

If your interested in learning to tie your own custom trebles, check out this short how to video with some tips and tricks to help get your started.

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