Monday, August 3, 2015

YoloTek AquaStick.. Don't GoPro without it

Ever since I purchased my boat earlier this year, I have had the itch to finally break back out my old Hero2 GoPro camera. I've had it for a few years now, but in all honesty the head and or chest mount did nothing for me perspective wise so I had just tucked it away giving it very little use from the time I purchased it until now.

But after purchasing my first boat earlier this year I began to search for better ways to utilize my GoPro camera via the various mounts that were available. As a first time boater and casual GoPro user I was looking for an easy to use, but durable product that wasn't going to break the bank.. Id already spent hundred of dollars on GoPro gear (including extra batteries and the Wifi backpack) and didn't want to add another item that I may or may not get a tone of use out of.

Enter YoloTek, I wish I could tell you that my extensive searching found them and their line of dare i say "angler selfie-sticks" (my wife words not mine) but in fact I found them while trolling this years ICAST best of show winners. Their new product the YoloTek PowerStick took home top honours in the gift wear category. And although it was not exactly what I was looking, for it did lead me to their website where I found the AquaStick.

How it works:

The AquaStick is a non-powered adjustable GoPro camera mount that can be plugged into your front or rear navi light ports. It comes either threaded or standard and can quickly be popped in and tighten down in order to withstand speeds up to 30mph. And although I haven't quite hit those speeds I have done 40Km/h with no issues.. I'm Canadian and mph math scares me.

Once in place you can adjust the rods length from 15' to 43", I usually extend it fully to give it that great outer worldly view while on the water. The Camera mount portion is also adjustable if your would like more of an upward or down facing angle, I'm pretty traditional and have been mostly just shooting straight on. 

Options & Choices:

AquaTek has a few options available to anglers, the AquaStick being the entry level product that runs around $59USD . For those with some extra cash or looking to run with the pro's you may way to look at the PowerStick Pro, a powered version of the AquaStick that is not only beefier, (50mhp) but it also provides more height (48") we all as USB ports in order to keep your GoPro powered up and running all day long. It is much pricey at $169USD, but for what I can tell its value would be endless.

For those who spent some time in the salt water, you YoloTek offers the O'l Salty a rig that allows you to get the best salt water footage above and below the water. This is not yet available, but they don't have a signup list for those interested.

Last but not least is this years ICAST winner, the YoloTek PowerStick, is a short pole with 2 USB ports turning your navi lights into a charging station. You can also rig up your iPhone for quick selfies on this little dude, giving it dual purpose. $49USD

Note: If your on the Fence on going Original or Pro, I will admit that I have been kicking myself for not investing in a powered version. My GoPro batteries die out long before my day on the water is over, and that added juice would be welcomed.

I have now had my AquaStick out on the water for multiple trips, it truly has reinvested me in what a GoPro camera can do for you out on the water.  This is one of the best gadgets I've added to my arsenal this season, and like it or not,  your about to see a lot more GoPro footage and stills coming your way. 

 Trust me, once your start this will quickly become a normal part of your boat launch prep.. remove the straps, insert the plug, attached the Hummingbirds and plug in the AquaStick, Go Fishing 

Be sure to check out YoloTek's Facebook page HERE as well as their Instagram Page HERE they are offering prizes for those who post on water images using a YoloTek product

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