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Whats on the end of your Jig? Trailer Tricks & Tips

The one thing about jig fishing that makes it different then most other forms of bass fishing is that it provides us with the ability to quickly and easily change our baits presentation on the fly, making  adjustments for the mood of the fish as well as weather/water conditions. Jigs are kinda like a Barbie Doll for fisherman.. yes we too get to accessorize! 

There are multiple ways you can accessorize a jig, like simply adding a rattle, or trimming the skirt. But the most versatile accessory of all is the jigs trailer (or chunk). This quick and easy accessory  gives you the ability to change the way your bait looks and performs in the water. Here are a few trailers I lean on as the conditions dictate 

The Reins Ring Craw is one of my favourite jig trailers, its a small compact bait that still manages to give you jig some added bulk/profile while not effecting the fall rate. It's ringed body and claws help disperse water on the fall an its little claws flap up a storm.

I use this trailer mainly while flipping docks, timber and sparse pads. Because of its smaller profile I don't often use it in situations where long casts are needed or a lot of water needs to be covered.

But don't take my word for it.. Paul Mueller credits this bait for helping him quality for his first Bass Master Classic 

"I like using the rein craw as a jig trailer in the cold water months especially. The material floats so it looks like a crawfish in the defensive position when at rest on the back of a jig. My favorite way to rig the reins ring craw is Texas rigged and use it as a compact flipping bait. This is my go to bait for punching mats when conditions are tough. It comes easily through mat when matched with a 1oz. Or 1.2 oz reins tungsten weight and has a unique shimmy on the fall. I qualified for my first Bassmaster Classic using this technique on lake Dardanelle to punch hyacinth mats and caught my 3 largest fish of that event on it" - Paul Mueller

The Perfect Chunk is a large profile chunk that causes quite the disturbance on the fall all while helping to to slow your jig down.

Perfect for larger baits or situations in which you need to cover a lot of water I often use this trailer while ripping jigs through sparse to medium weedbeds. Its a hardy chunk that holds up to abuse well, the claws will stay in tact for multiple fish and you won't find yourself having to replace chunks constantly

Again, don't take my word for it, Brendan Knaggs the creator of the Perfect Jig knows what he is talking about...

The Perfect Chunk Trailer comes in sizes 2.75" and 3 1/4". It is poured with soft, durable plastic infused with Bio Edge scent. Bio edge is a natural scent made up of real crawfish oil that is extracted from the craw. When paired up with any Perfect Jig, the Perfect Chunk Trailer helps bring the Jig/Chunk combination to life!  The swiming action and life like feel makes any fish fish hold on longer for a better hook up.Available in 10 different colors, there is a Perfect Chunk Trailer color to match every Perfect Jig - Brendan Knaggs 

Although not technically a trailer or a chunk the Zoom Speed Craw is number 3 on my list and it gives my jig a slender speedy profile that really stirs things up while crashing to the bottom. 

The Speed Craw is my go-to trailer when using a swim jig or when ripping jigs through thick nasty cover. Its slender body pulls through the weeds with ease while providing a steady rippling effect. 

This bait serves as a double threat in my arsenal and when not on the back of a jig you will often find it Texas rigged and pegged with a tungsten weight doing battle with fish hiding in the pads and slop. 

I specifically saved the Pit Chunk for last on this list,  not only because it is currently my overall favourite trailer, but also because it shares characteristics from each of the above trailers.  Here's what I mean...

the Pit Chunk like the Reins Ring Claw has a ribbed body to help churn up water on the fall. Like the Perfect Chunk Its 4-legged tail helps to give this bait a large profile while only slightly decreasing the jigs rate of fall. Like the Zoom Speed Craw this baits legs churn up the water, and can be ripped through cover with ease. If your adventurous you can also trim off the out legs to give your jig a smaller profile without compromising on the action.

I honestly use this trailer in almost every situation. Its great for flipping docks, hopping bottom and ripping through weedbeds over long distances, it holds tight and even when it becomes a single or double amputee it is still a  fishable bait.

Last Minute entry..

Ok, so I have decided to add the  Jackall Darts Hog as a late addition to this list. I have never fished this bait, but it caught my eye late last season and Ive picked up a few for this year. The Darts Hog is a short compact bait that is heavily salted and the tails are dipped for added colour accent. Im looking forward to fishing this bait, thought I do have a concern on how easily they tear. I ripped mine just putting it on the jig for this photo opp.. I guess time will tell

Now that we have covered my Trailer choices, lets here from Rich Lindgren on how to apply your trailer as well as other tips that will help you in a pinch

(BassTek Jig slings are a trailers best friend!)

Tips from a Jig Junky (Rich Lindgren)

When it comes to jig trailer, the first thing to know is that I keep it pretty simple from a color standpoint, I basically carry variations of Green Pumpkin & Black/Blue, with a few shad colors for my swim jigs

Try to match the action of your jig trailers to the mood of the fish and the forage I am trying to imitate.  So for those simple color selections, I have a wide variety of grubs, chunks, craws, beavers, swimbaits and more as trailer options.

Keep a bin of used plastics from texas-rigging to use as jig trailers after the heads are torn up.  Simply cut the head off and thread onto the jig and hold it in place (with a BassTEK Jig Sling)..less time fixing your trailer means more time with your bait in the water and more fish!

Couple trailers to highlight, when flipping, my top trailers for my BassTEK Flipping jigs are 2.75" Chunk for all around, a 4.25" Beaver for big fish hunting and cooler water and either a Rage Bug or Craw when the water heats up in mid summer for
active bass and dirty water.

On my Super K swim jigs, I almost always either use a single tail grub as my subtle presentation and either a Evolve Dark Swimmer or Keitech Fat Impact for swimbait trailers when i want more action and roll.

Last for my BassTEK Tungsten Football jigs, it usually a craw imitator of some kind, either a double tail grub, rage bug or a Evolve Kompak craw in really frigid water for smallmouth

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