Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Frog Fishing with the Dobyns DX746c

The Dobyns DX746 was introduced to the fishing world at large late in 2013.. long after my season had closed. But while I awaited the end of one of the brutalist winters in recent years, there it was, the light at the end of the tunnel, my new frog rod awaiting its inaugural trip.

The DX746 is touted for not only the power it offers, but also it's sensitivity. This rod offers frog anglers the ability to cast small, medium and large frogs accurately for great distances, the finesse to walk them back to the boat, and the power to battle fish in the nastiest of cover.. Thats what I read.. here is what I found:


I was blown away by the casting ability of this rod, and found that on average I was able to cast mid to lite weight frogs for even greater distances then with my 736c. I guess I should specify here that distance was never really a big issue, but more distance and accuracy combined. When sizing down to a smaller or finesse weighted frog I would often down size rods to get that extra bit of tip for greater accuracy. The DX746 offers both the power  needed and just enough tip to help place your frog exactly were you want it.

Walking & Popping:

What makes a rod a good walking rod, does not always make for a good popping rod. There is always that fine line between length and tip, that you need to take into consideration while attempting to work each specific style of frog. The DX746 offers you a nice stout rod with the ability to pop and chug a frog with the best of them, all the while its softer tip (for a frog rod) also gives you the ability to walk even the most frustratinig of baits back to the boat while driving fish crazy.


I do a lot of shoreline frog fishing (daily actually), so a rods ability to fight fish at a great distance and over heavy cover is very important to me. Coming in at 7'4 and touting Heavy action, the DX746 gives me the confidence I need when deciding to throw my frog into spots most anglers would fear. I can use its extra length and power to quickly get leverage on a fish, and have it moving forward long before it knows whats even happening. This is a key when frog fishing and a lesser rod will have you loosing fish in such situations.

If you are in the market for a new frog rod for the 2015 season, do yourself a favour and ges your hands on a Dobyns DX746. Like all Dobyns rods, its weight, balance and sensitivity will be immediately evident, but this rods exells on the water, and should be a must have in any frog fisherman's arsenal.

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